Hammer Films to reboot The Abominable Snowman with producer of The Woman in Black

Hammer’s 1957 film THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN is set to be rebooted and Ben Holden, producer of 2012's THE WOMAN IN BLACK, is onboard to make it happen, according to Screen Daily.

Exclusive Media-owned Hammer will develop a new version of the monster movie in association with Holden, giving this reboot a modern take where a scientific team accidentally wakes up the titular beastie while illegally climbing a mountain.

The original screenplay by Matthew Read (PUSHER, HAMMER OF THE GODS) and Jon Croker (THE WOMAN IN BLACK: ANGEL OF DEATH) will put a modern twist on the original, which starred Forrest Tucker and Peter Cushing on a fateful expedition to the Himalaya.

Hammer Films has also has several other solid sounding projects lined up, including THE QUIET ONES and a sequel to 2012's THE WOMAN IN BLACK are coming next year, and they also have plans for a Jack the Ripper film called GASLIGHT.

Extra Tidbit: Are you down for a new take on the Abominable Snowman myth?
Source: Screen Daily



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