Jesse Eisenberg says Zombieland 2 is as funny and personal as the original

Ruben Fleischer's ZOMBIELAND 2: DOUBLE TAP is all set to see the return of ZOMBIELAND stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. They will be joined by the likes of Rosario Dawson, Zoey Deutch, Thomas Middleditch, Avan Jogia, Luke Wilson, and MAYBE Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd too. And today we have word on how the production is going via star Jesse Eisenberg, who lets us know:

It's going really well. Just resting on our laurels and really cocky [laughs]. No, the opposite. We're working so hard. It's one of these movies that, people loved it for personal reasons. So it's not just a big hit movie. People love it for personal reasons so you want to make sure it's as funny and as personal as the other one.

Good to hear no one is taking this long-awaited and much-anticipated sequel lightly. Sequels are hard in general. Add in a full decade of anticipation, and it would be way too easy for this movie to just pull an AUSTIN POWERS and recycle old jokes over and over again. Let's hope all their hard work pays off, right? How excited are YOU for ZOMBIELAND 2: DOUBLE TAP? Let us know below!

The post-apocalyptic zombie comedy is written by original ZOMBIELAND and DEADPOOL scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese and centers on 

The comic mayhem that stretches from the White House and through the heartland. The zombie slayers must face off against the many new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors. Most of all, they have to face the growing pains of their own snarky, makeshift family.

Original ZOMBIELAND director Ruben Fleischer returns to helm and is re-teaming with original writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (DEADPOOL 2). Gavin Polone produces and Reese and Wernick will also executive produce. Lauren Abrahams will oversee the project for the studio. The sequel is already in production for release on October 11, 2019 –- the 10th anniversary of the first film. You can snag a copy of the original on Blu-ray HERE.

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