Joe Bob Briggs discusses his upcoming Shudder specials and series

Joe Bob Briggs

Legendary movie host and drive-in enthusiast Joe Bob Briggs made his glorious return to broadcast back in July with a thirteen movie marathon on the streaming service Shudder - a marathon that proved to be so popular that it brought Shudder's servers crashing down. Tomorrow night (Thanksgiving, November 22nd), Joe Bob is back with another marathon, this one a bit shorter: he'll be hosting four movies for a special called Dinners of Death. The fun starts streaming on Shudder at 9pm ET.

Beyond Dinners of Death, Joe Bob will also be hosting a four movie marathon called A Very Joe Bob Christmas on December 21st, the Friday before Christmas, and then next year he'll be hosting a weekly show on Shudder, presenting two movies every week.

Joe Bob has been doing interviews with the likes of Dread Central and The Horror Basement to promote Dinners of Death, and gave some interesting information on his upcoming specials and series in the process.

As Joe Bob has said before, the Dinners of Death marathon will feature his all-time favorite movie, but you'll have to wait until it's showing on Shudder to find out for sure what it is. (Everyone is assuming that it's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.)

...my favorite movie of all time is in this show. I’ve never hosted it before because all the time I was doing The Movie Channel, and when I was doing Monstervision on TNT, it was on the ‘too grisly for cable’ list, it was banned, even on premium cable, so I was never able to host it. So this will be the first time I’ve ever hosted my favorite movie."

While titles are kept under wraps, Joe Bob revealed that all of the movies he'll be showing during the Christmas marathon are connected: 

The four movies are all in one franchise and we have a very distinguished guest from that franchise who will be on with me."

That brings up some questions I'm anxious to see answered. If these are Christmas-themed movies, what franchise could it be but the SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT franchise? If that is the series in question, which four of the six SILENT NIGHT movies would be shown? If Joe Bob is indeed hosting a SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT marathon, I'm guessing his "very distinguished guest" would be scream queen Linnea Quigley, who appears in the first film.

But maybe Joe Bob will throw us for a loop and have us spending the Friday before Christmas with a series that isn't even set on Christmas.

About the weekly series, he told The Horror Basement: 

Starting sometime after the first of the year, we're gonna do a weekly double feature. They don't really tell me when we're gonna start, I think we're gonna start in March, to tell you the truth. It's just gonna be exactly like my old format on my old show Monstervision, which was almost always a double feature, and we're gonna interrupt the movie (for Joe Bob's hosting segments), like we do. ... They don't like me to tell titles, but it's a mixture. They like it when I go back into the '80s, when I do these appreciations of the '80s movies, so there's some of that, there's some so bad it's good movies, there's some foreign horror, there's some more recent horror from directors that I like. It's just all over the lot, there's just no rhyme or reason to it. The only thing I can say about the structure of it is, if I really test your patience with one of those difficult movies that are kind of hard to watch, then they're probably followed up with a goofy '80s movie."

He also mentioned that they're having trouble securing Lionsgate titles for his show because Lionsgate specifies in their streaming contracts that their movies are not to be interrupted. That's likely for commercials, though, so Joe Bob is hoping they'll make an exception for his hosting segments. 

One type of movie Joe Bob is hoping to be able to present more of is Asian horror, and he names Takashi Miike's AUDITION as a film he would really like to host.

No matter what movies are shown during the marathons and the weekly show, I'll be tuning in, because I'm just happy to have a new Joe Bob Briggs show to watch.



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