Shudder releases promo for Thanksgiving Joe Bob Briggs marathon

Joe Bob Briggs

As enticing as the average Thanksgiving feast is, this year the turkey and pies are just going to be a hurdle to clear before the really important event that's going to take place on November 22nd: the second Joe Bob Briggs marathon to air on the Shudder streaming service.

After a 24 hour marathon of movies hosted by Joe Bob drew in such a large audience that it overwhelmed Shudder's servers and crashed the site back in July, the drive-in aficianado returns to Shudder on Thanksgiving night to host a marathon of four movies for a special that's being called Dinners of Death. The fun starts at 9pm EST.

Among the movies that fit the theme of deadly dinners is one Joe Bob refers to as the greatest movie ever made, his all-time favorite film... Which is almost certainly the 1974 classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

Shudder has released a promo for Dinners of Death that can be seen below, a minute of Joe Bob goodness to hold us over for the next 2+ weeks.

It really does my heart good to see Joe Bob hosting a new show, and my heart is going to need the help after I choke down that Thanksgiving food.

Source: Shudder



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