Joe Bob Briggs to host a 24 hour movie marathon on Shudder

Joe Bob Briggs

Back in January, we shared iconic movie host / drive-in fanatic Joe Bob Briggs' plea with fans to send in testimonials to the streaming network Shudder to let them know how many people out there would like to see the service present a revival of his show MonsterVision.

It looks like the testimonials worked, as the official Joe Bob Briggs Facebook page has announced that 

JOE BOB’S COMING BACK TO TV! He’s gonna be hosting a 24 HOUR MOVIE MARATHON on Shudder. That’s right, 24 hours of Joe Bob’s intros, outros, and OF COURSE the drive-in totals. It’ll start on a Friday in June, although we don’t know which Friday yet.

A follow-up post actually announced which Friday in June (there are five to choose from) this marathon will be airing on, but there must have been some gun jumping going on because that post has since been removed. Since the information apparently isn't supposed to be out there yet I'll hold off on sharing it for now.

A 24 hour marathon is a hell of a way for Shudder to get into the MonsterVision / Joe Bob Briggs business, and that's definitely something I would tune in for. I've never watched Shudder before, but this event is the definition of "must see TV" in my book.

We'll provide more information on the marathon when Joe Bob reveals it... and leaves it online.

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