Joe Johnston's Not Safe For Work not safe for theaters, heading to VOD

It has been well over a year since we last heard anything about Joe Johnston's low-budget thriller NOT SAFE FOR WORK, which was produced by Jason Blum (pictured) for a budget of under $3 million. Perhaps there's a reason we've gotten so little info about the flick - it might just be a stinker, and will not being seeing the inside of a movie theater anytime soon.

In an interview with Blum in the L.A. Times, it is casually mentioned that NOT SAFE FOR WORK will "bypass theaters and instead debut on video-on-demand platforms at some unspecified date."

That info is followed by this quote from Blum:

Some of my movies work, and some of them don't. I want to be able to say to the studio, 'We missed, let's go to VOD.'"

Looks like NOT SAFE FOR WORK is one of the movies that doesn't work. On the bright side for the studio, its low cost means that it'll still likely see a profit after its VOD premiere, especially since they'll spend next to nothing marketing it.

Not such great news for Joe Johnston, however, but he'll surely rebound.

Starring Max Minghella and Eloise Mumford, and written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, NOT SAFE FOR WORK centers on a young paralegal who is trapped in the office with a killer on a mission to destroy files for another corporation.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK star Eloise Mumford

Extra Tidbit: Do you still have interest in seeing NOT SAFE FOR WORK?
Source: L.A. Times



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