Three more names join Joe Johnston's low-budget thriller Not Safe for Work

When I first heard about Joe Johnston's low-budget thriller NOT SAFE FOR WORK the thing wasn't really doing anything for me. Now, after reading up on it again... I'm somewhat excited for this one. Peep the rundown:

NOT SAFE FOR WORK follows a young paralegal trapped in an office with a killer on a secret mission to destroy files and anyone that stands in his path.

Sounds like it's got potential, right? Well we already know that Max Minghella and Eloise Mumford (below) will be starring in the flick. But what we didn't know is that three more names have signed on to the picture, according to Variety. Those names are Tom Gallop, Christian Clemenson and JJ Feild (above). No-one worth writing home about but it's better than nothing.

Adam Mason and Simon Boyes penned the script for NOT SAFE FOR WORK, which is working on a budget of $2.5 million for Universal Pictures and producer Jason Blum. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more on NOT SAFE FOR WORK in the coming weeks so be sure to check back soon for any other updates that roll our way.

Extra Tidbit: JJ Feild worked with Johnston before on last year's CAPTAIN AMERICA.
Source: Variety



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