Pacific Rim 2 nabs Jurassic World screenwriter for new draft

PACIFIC RIM 2 is not a lucky film. Then again, PACIFIC RIM wasn't a lucky film. As the sequel attempts to power its way through Development Hell, it probably wishes it had its own robo-suit. The script, which has previously been trough drafts by Guillermo del Toro, Zak Penn, and Jon Spaihts, is being given another pass.

This time, JURASSIC WORLD co-writer Derek Connolly will pen the draft. I have to say, the best thing about JURASSIC WORLD was hardly its script, but I wish him all the best for his and our sake. He has also since worked on JURASSIC WORLD 2 and KONG: SKULL ISLAND, so he's evidently not worn away his enthusiasm for giant monsters. 

Plot details are obviously under wraps, mostly because they don't seem to have figured out what the hell they are yet.

PACIFIC RIM 2 will be helmed by Daredevil season 1 showrunner Steven S. DeKnight, replacing original director del Toro, who remains on board as a producer.

Extra Tidbit: Do you have hope that PACIFIC RIM 2 will actually see the light of day?



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