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Jurassic World(2015)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Colin Trevorrow

Chris Pratt/Owen
Bryce Dallas Howard/Claire
Vincent D'Onofrio/Hoskins
Ty Simpkins/Gray
8 10
Two decades after the original Jurassic Park; new owners have bought, “improved” and opened up the park to tourists. It of course all goes to shit when their new test-tube creation the "Indominus Rex" breaks free of its enclosure and goes buck nuts on a horde of lowly humans. YEEHAW!

One thing that I realized when I did research to write down this crap is that lots of people out there WORSHIP the original JURASSIC PARK (1993) at the same level that I bend the knee for JAWS (1975) or RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981). I knew the flick was loved, but I didn’t think it was THAT loved. Maybe it’s a generation thing. Personally, although I dug the original a lot, I’ve seen it maybe 3 times in my life and it never marked me that deeply. What about the sequels THE LOST WORD (1997) and JURASSIC CRAP 3 (2001)? They went from “okay” to lousy and I pretty much only remember the bad scenes (like that kid kicking Raptors via doing gymnastics on a bar or some shit).  So it is with that perception in terms of the franchise that I tackled JURASSIC WORLD; I wasn’t going in as a die hard fan that knows the original’s beats by heart, just some schlep looking for a tub of Popcorn and some Dino good times... and thankfully that’s exactly what I got!

You know, I can’t stress this enough, but who you are, what you expect and what mood you’re in truly defines how a movie will be perceived when you tap it. After reading my AITH buddy’s Eric W. 5/10 review of the movie here I asked myself “Did we see the same movie?” and I’m sure he’ll say the same shite once he reads this take on it. As a dense yet eye popping, action packed and fun summer celluloid injection, I Ioved JURASSIC WORLD! To my recollection, it had as many similarities to the original as JAWS 2 had with JAWS and that didn’t bother me none.  At the end of the day this was a “dumb humans create a monster they can’t control, beast gets loose and goes on a rampage” opus, a creature feature if you will, but one with lots of money backing it, and last I checked in my book of “fun times” there’s nothing wrong with that! Once the predictable yet gripping set-up was out of the way, this baby let her rip and wound being a blast till the end! The money was on the screen, hence the incredible set designs wowed me, the CGI in terms of the dinosaurs went from astounding to decent and the animatronics (by Legacy Effects) was tops (but underused). Moreover the flick put out some nifty ideas (I mucho dug the stuff with the Raptors), it knew how to push the “fan pleasing” buttons (all about who shows up at the end) and its action set pieces simply blew my socks off to hit the guy sitting in front of me.

Huge kudos to Colin Trevorrow for not only managing to recreate the Spielberg flavor that was found in both first films but for also for delivering the goods with gusto! You craving exciting chases, Dino vs. Dino fist-to-cuffs, Dinos chow down on human-snacks bits or tension laced stalk sequences? Well, you will be well served here as they were gunned out in spades, all wrapped up in striking cinematography and awesome camera-work with a familiar/endearing musical score (by Michael Giacchino doing his best John Williams)! Now that I think of it, the film played it very smart as it kept topping itself in the action department - making sure to not blow its load too early and by result never overstaying its welcome. Yeah, this was a crowd pleaser for sure (when I say crowd I mean me), I caught myself having a huge grin on my face many o timesand I jumped and cheered at all the right places! Now... what about the human element in the film you may ask? Well that’s where the film faltered the most and I’ll get more into it below; but straight up, I wasn’t annoyed much by the “stock” variety of the characters, maybe because “character depth” was the last thing on my list when it came to what I craved from this movie.  On that, Chris Pratt made for an affable badass (his stuff with the Raptors was gold), Bryce Dallas Howard did fine as the uptight to Ripley type chick, Vincent D'Onofrio played the token human villain well, Simon Masrani brought in some comic relief while Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson were fine as the kids in peril (the latter had an odd character trait though – staring at chicks – rapist style... okay...)

Although I found the “brothers get closer through adversity” and the “Bryce goes from frigid to kid loving, affectionate, tank top abusing tough gal” arcs simpleton and somewhat laughable, they didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the overall film too much, I was too busy being wowed to truly care. If I had a real peeve it would be how they underused the differences found in their hybrid dinosaur (named the Indominus Rex). For example; early on they set up that the hybrid can change its skin color (like a Predator) but once the shit hit the shan, that skill was not used, it just acted like a regular T-Rex, that was a shame. Lastly, the film wasn’t every original in terms of story structure (what is these days) and sported a couple of plot holes (like the size of the wall versus the size of the hybrid Dino – who designed this park?)... but again, I can't say I was annoyed by those much either. In truth, I came out of JURASSIC WORLD one happy camper! The flick gave me an eyeful, delivered the thrills and simply entertained the hell out of me i.e. it basically did what all good summer movies should! THANK YOU I NEEDED THAT!

We get humans chewed on by Dinos, blood splats and Dino on Dino injuries. The flick was brutal but shied away often from being graphic to stay true to its PG-13. .
T & A
Bryce Dallas Howard cleavage in a tight and sometimes wet tanks top was as good as it got!
Maybe it’s because I wasn’t hyped about it beforehand or that I am not a hardcore JURASSIC PARK series fan but I had a freaking blast with JURASSIC WORLD and it is easily the best of the sequels IMO! The movie basically acted as a off-the-wall creature feature that took no prisoners! Think JAWS 3D meets THE RELIC meets LOTS OF F-ING MONEY! The whole looked sleek, the production values were top-notch, the camera work stellar, the dino action was INSANE while suspense and laughs were on hand to grease me right. Yes the plot was 1-2-3 and the character depth/development/arcs were a tad duh; but I didn't go see JURASSIC WORLD to be grabbed on a human level, I went there for the ride and that’s exactly what I got; a big, bumpy, zany and smile inducing ride! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for this jerk!
This was the first Jurassic Park film to not have animatronic dinosaurs created by Stan Winston who sadly passed away in 2008.

There's a statue of John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough) in the film. Sir Richard Attenborough died August 24th, 2014.

Look out for a cameo of Jeff Goldblum's character Dr. Ian Malcolm. He's on the cover of a book that we see twice in the movie.