Luke Grimes, Sarah Roemer sink their teeth into indie vampire tale Manhattan Undying

Luke Grimes and Sarah Roemer are set to topline the indie vampire tale MANHATTAN UNDYING, with Iranian filmmaker Babak Payami directing, according to Variety.

Grimes made his feature length debut in the 2006 thriller ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE and was most recently seen in the role of Jamie in the Liam Neeson-starring TAKEN 2. Mega-hottie Roemer is most recognizable from her role as the love interest of Shia LaBeouf's character in the thriller DISTURBIA.

MANHATTAN UNDYING comes to us from a script by Matt Deller and concerns...

a beautiful vampire who commissions an artist to paint her so she can see herself for the first time. She is unaware that the artist is dying and desperately working to create his last masterpiece that will give him artistic immortality."

Payami is also producing the film through his Payam Films banner along with Charles Wachsberg, co-owner of Payam Films. Production launched this week.

Hopefully MANHATTAN UNDYING will be darker in tone than most recent vampire-themed films. I have never been bothered by the romantic elements of vampire films (even DRACULA wanted some lovin'!), but I'm about sick of the TWILIGHT-inspired wussified crap that has been oversaturating the vampire marketplace over the past few years. Let's keep our fingers crossed that MANHATTAN UNDYING will be closer in tone to IMMORTALITY than any of that Stephanie Meyer shite.

Sarah Roemer. I'd sink my teeth into that!

Extra Tidbit: Sarah Roemer is no stranger to horror, appearing in THE GRUDGE 2 and the David Ellis directed ASYLUM.
Source: Variety



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