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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane(2006)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jonathan Levine

Amber Heard/Mandy Lane
Anson Mount/Garth
Whitney Able/Chloe
8 10
All the boys at school love Mandy Lane (Heard). They all want to bone the gal and I don't blame em! WHAT A HOTTIE! When a group of kids hit a ranch party (you heard me) with Mandy in tow, the festivities go beyond titties and beers. You see somebody loves Mandy so freaking much that he/she is killing off the competition. My kind of shin-dig!

This review was written in 2006, being that the film just got released this week, I am bumping it up! Took them long enough!

Its fairly hard to make a TRULY original slasher flick today. I mean the structure, the twists and the stories have been done to death and rarely do we get a slasher opus that actually aims higher than the mold or/and pulls off something original within the subgenre. Well color me green and call me The Green Giant cause All the Boys Love Mandy Lane did just that.

Having now seen the film, I understand why the Weinstein's swiftly acquired this bad girl at the Toronto Film Festival for 3 Million. All of the marketing elements were there! Hot young chicks, arousing sexual moments (All about that lesbo hint..nice!), razor directing and a groovier than groovy soundtrack. It was a no brainer! But what this girl had that others don't now of late is a couple of new tricks up her skirt. Say hello and bend over to a slasher film that toys with our knowledge of the usual conventions to bamboozle the shit out of us! Throughout, I thought the film was playing one twisted game, then it would go against the grain and reveal something new to prove me wrong and take an all new direction. I was loving it!

By the time the last block kicked I was smiling ear to ear at the novel hat trick the flick pulled on me. Another thing that I highly appreciated with this flick was its grounded and realistic feel. The teens here looked/acted like real teens (even the black dude was portrayed as a human being instead of a joke-machine) hence giving the f*cked up situation even more emotional/dramatic impact. Super hottie Amber Heard as Mandy Lane should be singled out of the lot as the camera totally loved her! Coupled with her naive yet sexy demeanor, she made sure that everybody in the theatre loved Mandy Lane. I expect big things for the gal! 

The gritty, 70's retro like visuals owning the screen cranked my dial to "F*ck Yeah!" as well! They gave the film edge, a bleak charm and a engrossing feel that I couldn't get enough of. Finally, the gruesome kills at play had a realism and a mean streak to them that so rubbed me the RIGHT way! This killer don't muck around! He/She means that shite! It will be interesting to see how the film plays wide in the wake of Columbine and the more recent Dawson shooting (which happened a street away from my house incidentally...yes...I want a medal). Unlike other recent slashers, this one struck a strong cord in that respect. Well I felt it anyways.

On the slightly watered down side of the Jack & Coke, I felt the pacing was a tad off within the middle section. Nothing too critical but it needed to be said. I also craved more murders, the bodycount was too low for my psychotic self. Yup, I'm greedy! With that eviscerated, any snags this flick had were forgiven when the visceral finale destroyed the screen, grabbed my the throat, slapped me around, banged my dog and then gouged my eyes out. NICE! All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was a slasher to be reckoned with, one that sported more smarts than the norm and that manipulated the shite out of me. Yes...I'm in love. Mandy Lane? Will you marry me? 

Talk about good loving! We get bloody stabbings, slashed out eyes, broken teeth via a gun barrel slammed in one's mouth and bloody gun shot wounds.
Amber Heard (Mandy Lane) was the big revelation of the film. innocent yet sexy looks, able chops and a great ass! Star in the making! Anson Mount (Garth) was ideal casting as the stand up older dude. Whitney Able (Chloe) was perfect as the slut-hut of the group. It should be said that all of the teen actors in this film did a bang on job. Very credible! Props!
T & A
We get a pair of flat titties. Nice titties yet flat titties. We also get chicks in bathing suits/bra/undies... yes Amber Heard (Mandy) is one of them!
Jonathan Levine did a badass job! I so adored the grainy look of the film, the sly use of still frames and the potent suspense. The best way I can describe this film's vibe is: 70's, mainstream yet artsy. He's one to keep tabs on!
We get an eclectic array of trendy, old school and moody ditties. The semi trippy yet dark score also hit hard.
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane took itself seriously and winged it via its realistic cast, cruel kills, grounded feel and gritty yet striking directing. The dame also whipped out a couple of cards that hadn't seen in a while and that resulted in more emotional weight than your average slasher and a riveting final act that gave the whole an all new toxic layer. The pace could've been tighter and the body count higher but that didn't change the fact that Mandy Lane was one of the more  mature, clever and engrossing slashers I've seen in a long time. Yup, she was to die for!
The flick was shot in Texas, USA

Amber Heard was born on April 22nd 1986 in Austin, Texas, USA. Her bra size is 33-24-33...cause I know you care!