'My Girl' star Anna Chlumsky is added to Hannibal's roster

In further casting news, Anna Chlumsky has signed on for a guest starring spot on HANNIBAL, opposite Hugh Dancey (as Will Graham) and Mads Mikkelsen (as Hannibal Lecter).

The VEEP and MY GIRL star will play Miriam Lass, a young FBI trainee under the tutelage of Laurence Fishburne’s Jack Crawford. No word on whether or not she'll have her liver eaten with fava beans in a nice chianti, but this being a "guest spot" I'm leaning toward the possibility. Think about that-- Vada Sultenfuss could be one of HANNIBAL's inaugeral Red Shirts.

HANNIBAL, written by executive producer Bryan Fuller, sports a pilot directed by David Slade. Other guest stars include Eddie Izzard, who will be playing a character claiming to be "The Chesapeake Ripper." NBC still hasn't released a premiere date for the show and its subsequent episodes, so keep on the lookout for that news to drop anytime now. While you're doing so, have enjoy a revealing glimpse of Chlumsky's "girls" below. 

Extra Tidbit: "Well, Vada-- have the bees stopped buzzing?" That's a small excerpt from my HANNIBAL/MY GIRL fan fiction crossover. Coming January 2013!
Source: TV Line



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