No surprise here, Paranormal Activity 4 gets late October release date

No use futzing with a tried and true formula...

Just as my pal Walkuski predicted yesterday, Paramount has tagged PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 with a October 19th release date. Makes sense, especially with no competition from the SAW franchise to block its profitability. However, with Dimension putting HALLOWEEN 3D out on October 26th, Paramount wants to jump on the horror audience a week before Michael Meyers does. It'll be interesting to see how competitive the two franchises will be against one another. My money is on PA 4, as painful as that is to say.

As per usual, no writer or director has been assigned to PA 4 yet...this with 10 or so months before release. Plot details are also scant, though we do know a new character to the franchise will be introduced. Whether or not it'll be a sequel or prequel is also uncertain at this point.

So until more news comes in, mark it down: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 hits theaters October 19, 2012.

Franchise star Katie Featherston

Extra Tidbit: Which do you think will be more successful: PA 4 or HALLOWEEN 3D?
Source: THR



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