Patrick Dempsey to hunt a murderer in The Postcard Killings

The Postcard Killings Patrick Dempsey

Now that Patrick Dempsey has left Grey's Anatomy, it's time to return to the silver screen for good. The BRIDGET JONES' BABY star just signed on for the upcoming thriller THE POSTCARD KILLINGS, which will be directed by famed cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, SCHINDLER'S LIST) from the script by Andrew Stern (DISCONNECT).

In THE POSTCARD KILLINGS, based on the book by 

New York detective Jacob Kanon (Dempsey), who investigates the murder of his newly married daughter and discovers a trail of similar crimes reported throughout Europe — each killing accompanied by a postcard delivered to a local reporter.

This won't be the first time Dempsey has investigated a rash of killings. He previously played the quickly forgotten Detective Mark Kincaid in Wes Craven's SCREAM 3.

Dakota Fanning is reportedly attached to play the reporter who receives the fateful postcard, although the recent press releases haven't mentioned that, making me think her casting may be in question.

Production is scheduled to commence this February.

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