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Scream 3(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Wes Craven

Neve Campbell/Sidney
Courtney Cox/Gale
David Arquette/Dewey
Parker Posey/Jennifer
6 10
In Hollywood, the filming of \"Stab 3\" (was there a Stab 2?) is interrupted when \"Ghostface\" returns, offing the actors according to the order they die in the script. Sidney (Campbell) is forced out of hiding, re-unites with Dewey (Arquette) and Gale (Cox) and must face yet another serial killer.
Kevin Williamson has been replaced by Ehren Kruger (he wrote Arlington Road). What’s the difference you may ask? Well Scream 3 is far from the spoofs the first 2 were. We still get references to other movies (Vertigo, Silence Of The Lambs) but they’re way less prominent than in the previous entries. The film also pokes less fun at itself, finding it’s humor elsewhere. This time most of the laughs are not at the movies expense. It’s a different kind of humor, mostly brought in by the Parker Posey character who plays Gale in the \"Stab\" films and Josh Pais who plays Kincaid\'s partner. So is this good news or bad news? For The Arrow it’s good news. The self deprecating humor was welcomed in the first film but got old by the time part 2 ended. I also love that they changed the setting, this time the film takes place in La La Land witch opens up a new door for this entry…poking fun at Hollywood and self absorbed actors. We still get to see \"Woodsboro\" the town the two other films took place in but this time it’s in the guise of a movie set.

They use that set well, giving us a breathtaking stalk scene with a few surprises. The film has a few things we didn’t find in the previous entries. We get a kool \"car racing down a highway\" scene, a massive explosion and way more gun play. Craven even goes Elm Street in this one, giving us a couple of dream sequences and a scene that’s very reminiscent of Nancy’s visions of Tina in a body bag from the original Nightmare. This being the third in the series I will admit that it doesn’t come close to having the edge, the wit or the suspense the first one had. We’re use to the format this time around.: The opening murder sequence, the stalk sequences and the uncovering of the \"monologue\" spurting villain in the end. The characters are less developed than in the other ones and it all feels a tad watered down, maybe even played out. But the film does bring the series full circle, puts the topic of Sidney’s mom back into the game, gives us cameos by the dead Randy (Jamie Kennedy), Carrie Fisher and Silent Bob n Jay. We also get some Lance Henriksen in a bit part (great actor), some hot Jenny McCarthy, a few thrills and a cap off that’s fairly exciting (almost like a boxing match). Lets scream one last time…
Standard stuff. Throat slash, stabbings and one kool explosion death scene. The movie is less graphic than the previous two.
I’ll start off by saying that I was really surprised by Jenny McCarthy (Sarah). I was never a fan but here she’s very charming and likeable, more of her would have been appreciated. Neve Campbell (Sidney), Courtney Cox (Gale) and David Arquette (Dewey) reprise their respective parts and nothing new is brought to them. The characters feel very familiar and the actors handle themselves well again. Cox does look bad in this one and Campbell tears too much. But that’s just me. Parker Posey (Jennifer) is the life of the movie. I was never a fan, I actually use to despise her but in this film I loved her comic timing, physical comedy and she’s also kind of hot. Good work baby girl. Any movie that can make Patrick Dempsey (Kincaid) seem kool can’t be that bad. This is the first (and probably the last) film where I like Patrick Dempsey.
T & A
The tight tops got looser…not good…
Craven doesn’t stray too far from the vibe he gave the other two films. Is it me or was the suspense a bit weaker in this one. Nothing new apart from a few \"dream sequences\" that gives Craven the opportunity to take a stroll on Elm Street and add a different feel to the film. Decent but nothing to go nuts over.
The Scream score and some rock tunes (Creed and stuff). Good shite.
I hope this caps off the series. If there’s a Scream 4, they better start over with new characters and a new story cause this tale is done. I enjoyed this film but just like Scream 2 it’s not close to being as good as the original. At least the \"whodunit\" has a better payoff than part 2. Being the last chapter in the series I wish they had taken more chances, maybe kill a few more \"main\" characters. But they don’t go that way. This film is mildly scary, has great production values, is pretty funny and doesn’t have enough gore. Scream 3 is a watchable romp but it’s not the classic the original is.
Cut Out Scene: Tyson talking to Sidney about the similarities between Stab 3 and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The scene was cut out due to pacing but Craven was happy about the cut, he didn’t like the scene.