Prepare yourselves for Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon

The insanely fun, metal-fuelled horror/comedy DEATHGASM rocked viewers when it reached theatres and VOD back in October, and all along writer/director Jason Lei Howden has been saying that he wants to make a sequel to the film if the first one is successful enough. I've been desperately hoping that a DEATHGASM 2 will be made ever since the moment I saw the end credits start rolling on DEATHGASM, and things are looking hopeful. Just hours ago, Howden took to his Instagram account to announce that he had completed writing the screenplay for what he is calling DEATHGASM PART 2: GOREMAGEDDON, teasing us with its potential awesomeness by posting an image of the script's title page accompanied by this caption: 

So I just finished this. There is literally more gore in the first 10 minutes than the entire first #deathgasm. If you kinda liked the first, this will make your head implode. If you thought the first Deathgasm was puerile, juvenile and dumb then Goremageddon will melt your face off and force you to barricade yourself inside, safe with some Terrance Malik and Coldplay.

He says all the things I want to hear.

If you haven't seen DEATHGASM yet and don't do the whole VOD thing, you can catch the film on DVD/Blu as of January 5th... and then you'll likely join those of us who are looking forward to GOREMAGEDDON.

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