Ravenous is chomping on Blu-ray this June courtesy of Scream Factory

Cult classic RAVENOUS, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle, will arrive on Blu-ray for the first time ever this summer. Who do we have to thank? Well, Scream Factory of course!

The distributor has not revealed any extras yet, but they promise "all new" features. However, they have said they'll be using the horrible key art you see to the right, which is really unfortunate. Otherwise, it's cool to see this weird little flick get some respect.

Captain John Boyd has been sent to a remote outpost in Sierra Nevada following a military disgrace in the Mexican-American War. There, his group run into Colqhoun, a starving and half-frozen Scottish traveler who tells a wild tale of cannibalism. His group, it seems, was led astray by a guide, snowed into a cave, and finally descended to eating one another. He fled from the evil Colonel Ives. Boyd determines to apprehend Ives, but when he follows Colqhoun back to the cave, events take a more dangerous turn, and Colqhoun turns out to be not quite all he claimed to be.

Directed by Antonia Bird (who replaced original director Milcho Manchevski) and co-starring Jeffrey Jones, John Spencer, Jeremy Davies and David Arquette, RAVENOUS hits shelves in June.

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