Rebecca Ferguson under consideration for Alien: Paradise Lost

Last week, Ridley Scott spilled some minor details on his PROMETHEUS sequel/ALIEN prequel ALIEN: PARADISE LOST, which is set to go into production early next year. He mentioned that the film will be picking up directly after the events of PROMETHEUS, with the characters played by Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender heading to the planet of the EngineersĀ and meeting up with "new group of travelers" at the beginning of the first act.

According to Deadline, the latest draft of the script was recently delivered to Scott and the executives at Fox, and features "a peach of a major female role". The actress they hear is in the mix for that role is, in my opinion, the best choice that could possibly be made at this time: Rapace's Swedish compatriot Rebecca Ferguson.

Ferguson had a major breakthrough role in this past summer's MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION, where she was absolutely awesome as a British spy with shifting alliances. Her performance there proved that she is an actress to keep an eye on, as she could have a great career ahead of her. Hollywood has taken note and put her on the wish list for several high profile projects, ALIEN just being the latest one. I'm really hoping it will pan out.

Her casting is far from a certainty, but I would be hyped to see Ferguson battle the creatures of the ALIEN universe.

Would you like to see her get cast inĀ ALIEN: PARADISE LOST?

Extra Tidbit: Were you impressed by Ferguson in ROGUE NATION?
Source: Deadline



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