Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell will feature Chaz Bono and bizarre cameos

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Rob Zombie likes to pack his movies with familiar faces and oddball asides, giving even the smallest roles to cult cinema icons (for an example, see Mary Woronov showing up just to get stabbed in THE DEVIL'S REJECTS) and letting his characters go off on tangents. Another example that comes to mind from THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is the chicken scene, featuring comedian Michael "Redbone" Alcott. It's completely irrelevant and could have easily been cut, and yet there it is in the finished film.

It sounds like Zombie's new film THREE FROM HELL, a sequel to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, is going to have moments along those lines as well.

Zombie has shared another image from THREE FROM HELL on his Instagram account, one featuring a cast member we hadn't heard about before: Chaz Bono. Zombie said, 

Recognize this man? It's Chaz Bono. One of the many bizarre cameos in THREE FROM HELL. 

It's not clear what's so bizarre about Bono's cameo, we'll have to wait and see in the movie. It looks like he's playing someone who talks to a TV news reporter. Bono recently played a memorable, creepy role in the horror movie REBORN.

Bono joins an already massive cast that includes Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig, Danny Trejo, Daniel Roebuck, Clint Howard, Richard Brake, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Emilio Rivera, David Ury, Dee Wallace, Pancho Moler, Austin Stoker, Tom Papa, Dot-Marie Jones, Richard Edson, Richard Riehle, Kevin Jackson, Billy Blair, Steven Michael Quezada, Bill Oberst Jr., Sylvia Jefferies, and Sean Whalen.

THREE FROM HELL is expected to be released by Lionsgate and Saban Films sometime later this year.

Who would you like to see make a "bizarre cameo" in this movie?

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