SAW 2: Diary #5

June 7, 2005

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Sorry for the delay in getting this installment of the production report out. The rigors of overseeing three movies kind of overwhelmed me for a week or so, but I’m back in action again.

Let me start by updating you on the news for which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting. Hell has frozen over and the Cubs have won the Series! Darren Bousman has finally become a man! Yes, fans, Bousman finally defied the odds by meeting, charming, and actually sleeping with a woman…that’s right I said “woman,” not “girl.” I have to tell you that my boy has outdone himself. “Twinkle,” as her code name will now be, is waayyy to good for him. Pretty, smart, charming… hell, if I were single, I’d try to steal her myself. I caught Darren celebrating his good luck several days ago and thought I’d share the moment with you (see photo below).

Beyond that bit of news, we wrapped production on the film June 6th, on time and on budget. I’ve seen a ton of assembled footage and can safely say that I don’t think we’re going to disappoint the fans. You also don’t need to worry about us wimping out and going for a PG-13; we actually have NO idea how we’re going to get some things past the Ratings Board and get an R!

I don’t know if you are all aware, but John Fallon – better known as our pal The Arrow, was cast in the movie in the small but critical role of “SWAT Tech Team Member #2” and spent about three days with us shooting the film. He worked in very close proximity to Dina Meyer and I noticed quite a bit of friendly banter going on between the two of them. The man’s got some moves with the ladies!!!! While I was hoping to take in some of Toronto’s nightlife with Fallon, unfortunately, we were working some pretty late nights. While I had hoped to take Fallon to see some Canadian folk dancing (which apparently is performed in one’s lap by a naked woman), it sadly was not to be.

I can also safely state that Arrow’s performance was given very high marks by many people on the set, myself included. As a general rule, what tends to happen with day players (those actors who fill the smaller roles in the film and have only a line or two) is that they come on set and try to win an Oscar in the short time they’re with the production. If you’re old enough to recall the classic character “Master Thespian” that Jon Lovitz created on Saturday Night Live, you’ll get the idea. But my man Arrow came in and did something unthinkable – he just turned and said the line. Fallon, any time I’m shooting in Canada and need a bald-headed bad-ass to play a role, you’re my man.

Arrow and Producer Gregg Hoffman on set

Just to give you guys some sort of idea of how fast we’re having to move to in order to deliver SAW 2 to theaters by October 27th, the picture needs to be in its locked and final shape by July 16th. Most movies take at least 10 weeks to edit, so we’re doing everything twice as fast as usual. Sound and music takes over in July, and we finish everything by September 9th. Of course, while this is going on, CATACOMBS, which we shot earlier in the year, is finishing up its sound mix and we’ll be supervising the shooting of James Wan’s next film, SILENCE! Nothing like completely over-extending yourself to keep life interesting.

This is the final “official” diary for SAW 2, although I’ve had so much fun writing it and hearing feedback from you sick bastards, that I’ll keeping dropping brief reports every now and again, updating you on SAW 2 and giving you bits and pieces from the set of SILENCE.

And now a word from SAW 2 Director DARREN BOUSMAN on Gregg Hoffman's extensive Journals:

It's a wrap!

Alright, so I didn’t close with the Hungarian strippers - lets chalk it up as a language barrier and not my inability to close with female species… I can close just fine… Just ask anyone… well, anyone besides the producers, or the cast, or the crew… or my friends or, er… um… well… Ok, lets change the subject, okay!!!!

As entertaining as my sex life is, or lack there of, there are more interesting things to talk about… Like producer extraordinaire Gregg Hoffman. In the past seven months I have come to know Gregg well, and since he is a humble man, I have decided to reveal the man behind the myth. WHO IS GREGG HOFFMAN????

Gregg Hoffman as we all know is one of the producers of SAW, and the soon to be released SAW II. Recently he has blessed us with his hilarious blogs sharing ‘crazy antics’ that has taken place on and off set; mainly my failed exploits with the opposite sex. Since we have now wrapped production, I thought it fitting that I shine a little bit of light on some of Hoffman’s exploits that he so forgetfully left off his blog entries.

Such as…

One dark and stormy night, I was summoned to Hoffman’s hotel suite, I say suite and not room, because Hoffman’s suite was the most mammoth, large, and obnoxious space I have ever laid eyes on. So I take my script and jump on the elevator and travel up some 27 floors, and am greeted by an anxious and very nervous Hoffman. “We have a problem Bousman…” he mutters. Sweat inches down his face mixed with a look of horrific concern. I will point out the fact he said “WE have a problem” and not I, or YOU have a problem, hence the problem was a mutually shared concern. After what seemed like hours of prodding, Hoffman opened up, and explained to me that he had clogged the toilet in the master bathroom, and it was a horrific site. Being the kind of person I am, I offered my man some sound advice…

“Call housekeeping… They’ll fix it!” A look of utter shock passed his face… The mere mention of calling housekeeping frightened him.

“CALL HOUSEKEEPING!!!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS???? NO WAY can they know that came out of me!!!”

What makes this story even more entertaining to me was the fact that he was having a meeting in about an hour with our genius DP David Armstong and a couple members of the production team, thus leaving no toilet or bathroom accessible for his guests…

When you spend as much time on set with someone as I have with Gregg, you learn to read them, their movements (bowel included), their expression, and even their clothes. I can judge how the day will go by observing Hoffman for mere seconds. It is a finely honed scientific skill we on set have come to call the ‘DEFCON system’. For those of you fortunate to work with Gregg, I will briefly describe how the ‘level system’ works.

LEVEL ONE: Level one is in effect when Hoffman is no where to be seen. If you are about to pull off the first shot and Hoffman is not around, that usually means he is not concerned I will fuck it up - and is feeling comfortable about the day.

LEVEL TWO: Level two is usually where you want Hoffman. Level two usually consists of Hoffman sitting at video village either napping, talking on his cell-phone or talking to the actors. He usually will enter level two if we are a couple shots behind, or their has been a snag somewhere in the day.

LEVEL THREE: When Hoffman enters level three, you better step up your game. Level three consists of Hoffman pacing around the set, nervously watching the rehearsals with the actors. And interjecting the occasional comment. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WHEN HOFFMAN ENTERS LEVEL THREE… He is on the verge of snapping at this point, so it’s important not to give him that in!!! Usually level three comes with it’s own series of facial contortions. Furrowed brow, rubbing of the temples, and pacing in small confined circle and the occasional “…fucking Bousman”.

LEVEL FOUR: RUN!!! When Hoffman enters level four everyone will feel the wrath! Luckily, I very rarely saw a full blown level four, but when I did, it sent chills of terror down my spine. DEFCON Four consists continuous cussing, red flustered face, idle threats, and small surges of contained rage. Luckily for us, there are signs a level four is about to commence. Usually it’s preempted by DAN HEFFNER (line producer) turning red, walking off set and taking out his cell-phone. THIS IS NEVER A GOOD SIGN. If Dan’s cell phone appears during production, it means he’s calling Gregg. If he is calling Gregg, he is telling him I am fucking up… If I am fucking up that means I am wasting Hoffman’s money… If I am wasting Hoffman’s money… well, you know the rest!

Oh yes, the joys of working on the SAW II set!!! While I can’t walk away from the experience saying I closed with the Hungarian strippers, I can walk away with an arsenal of BLACK-MAIL material on my favorite producer!!! Gregg Hoffman!!!!

NOTE: Stay tuned for The Arrow's own SAW 2 on set journals chronicling his experience on the set as an "actor" and we use that term loosely.

Thanks you to Gregg Hoffman for sharing his thoughts with us and Darren Bousman for dropping by.





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