Selma Blair and Graham Greene sign for serial killer film The Great Illusion

Selma Blair Hellboy II

Fresh off of starring in the recently released genre film MOM AND DAD, actress Selma Blair (pictured above in HELLBOY II) has signed on to star in the serial killer horror thriller THE GREAT ILLUSION alongside Graham Greene.

Maria Gabriela Cardenas will be making her feature directorial debut with the film, working from a screenplay she wrote with her father Oscar Cardenas. The story centers on 

a tortured FBI agent suffering from an irrational fear of darkness, as he investigates a mysterious former prostitute in order to catch a vicious serial killer.

Oscar Cardenas will have an acting role in the film as well. The supporting cast also includes Glenn Morshower, Tokala Black Elk, Jon Lindstrom, Kenzie Dalton, Trisha Rae Stahl, Rebekah Kennedy, Jaime Gallagher, Bella Shaw, Rob Evors, Monte Markham, and Beverly Todd.

THE GREAT ILLUSION is set to start filming in Los Angeles next month. The film is being produced by Amy Williams.

Aside from the lead character's fear of the dark, there's not much in the description to let us know what will make this project stand out from the many other films and TV shows about the hunt for a serial killer. The selling point right now is the cast, and the involvement of Blair and Greene is enough to catch my attention.

We'll keep you updated on THE GREAT ILLUSION as it continues to move forward.

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Source: Deadline



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