Sharknado 5: Global Swarming teaser smashes sharks into landmarks

Sharknado Tara Reid Ian Ziering

I have fallen way behind on SHARKNADO movies. The concept of the first one was so crazy and the movie got so much hype that I had to check it out. I didn't like it very much, but I got through it. Problem was, SHARKNADO 2 came along, things got even more ridiculous, the movie got painful for me to sit through, and I tuned out.

Obviously the franchise didn't lose many other viewers like it lost me, because it's still going strong, getting more and more absurd with every installment.

Sunday, August 6th is the date when the latest entry, SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, will be making its premiere on Syfy, and a teaser trailer has arrived online that shows sharknados tossing sharks into a few very popular landmarks in locations around the world.

Anthony C. Ferrante, who has directed every SHARKNADO movie so far, is back at the helm for this one, but there was a creative shake-up on GLOBAL SWARMING: all four previous SHARKNADOs were written by Thunder Levin, who had the perfect name to be writing movies about shark-filled tornadoes. Levin did not return to write this one, though. The screenplay for part 5 comes from Scotty Mullen.

Mullen's previous writing credits include THE COED AND THE ZOMBIE STONER and ZOOMBIES, so the sharks are in good hands. Seriously, I did enjoy THE COED AND THE ZOMBIE STONER. I've been meaning to check out ZOOMBIES but haven't gotten to it yet.

In SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, the mission gets personal for Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and his bionic wife, April (Tara Reid) when their young son gets trapped in a traveling 'nado and transported all over the world. From London to Rio, Tokyo, Rome, Amsterdam and beyond, our globetrotting heroes will seek assistance from a highly-skilled squad of royals, scholars, and Olympians, enlisting famous faces from news, entertainment, and sports in their most epic battle yet.

Returning stars Ziering and Reid are joined by the "famous faces" of Fabio, Tony Hawk, Clay Aiken, Olivia Newton-John, Bret Michaels, Margaret Cho, Charo, Gilbert Gottfried, Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Greg Louganis, Tom Daley, Gus Kenworthy, Jeff Rossen, Porsha Williams, Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Chris Kattan, Cat Greenleaf, Dan Fogler, Ross Mullan, and many more.

Honestly, I don't know who a few of those celebrities are, but I won't point out which ones and embarrass myself.

Check out the SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING teaser below, and if you're so inclined you can tune in to watch the movie on Syfy August 6th.

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