Shawn Levy's Frankenstein not dead after all?! To feature multiple monsters?!

Last week I was sitting right here when I told you all that Fox was gearing up to pass on Shawn Levy's FRANKENSTEIN because of a budget upwards of $80 million. Alas it seems we may have jumped the gun because according to Collider that couldn't be further from the case!

Apparently Fox aren't passing on the project, just being very careful with it considering it's budget and it's fellow FRANKENSTEIN-themed competitor I, FRANKENSTEIN. More specifically the studio and Levy are most concerned with who they cast in the film. Don't take my word for it though, check it from Levy himself:

“Frankenstein is a great script. Everyone now knows, because people have seen Chronicle, that Max Landis is a hell of a goddamn writer and his script for Frankenstein is awesome. Here’s what doesn’t help: there’s another movie that is already shooting called I, Frankenstein… It’s a wildly different movie, but in the culture it’s another Frankenstein movie, it’s gonna come out next year. So if anything, that movie has kind of raised the bar for the studio and I to cast the living hell out of our Frankenstein."

“That script is ready to rock, I am ready to rock on that script, but as was reported it’s not a small budget. My Frankenstein, it ain’t gonna get done well and the way I would insist on doing it for $35 million. So anytime you’re in like $70-$80 million for a movie, you’re really thinking about ‘Well who are these two guys?’ in our case it’s Igor and Victor Frankenstein, ‘What’s the juicy pairing that makes that a good bet? That makes that financial bet smart and worth it?’ because I am in the business of not squandering the money the studios give me to make movies… It was more like ‘Okay if that’s the budget, we’ve gotta make sure we cast it really, really right’ and so that’s the moment we’re in.”

What about the fact that there will be more then one monster in Levy's FRANKENSTEIN?! Check out the dropped hint from Levy:

“In the case of Frankenstein, my whole approach is based on a mo-cap SimulCam playback so that it’s not a dude with scars on his face. It’s not just kind of latex and a costume; it would be a motion-capture performance of the monster—I can give away maybe not too much by saying there’s more than one in our version—and then I would go to Europe, shoot the movie, do scenes with the real actors and I would be able to see the motion-captured monster in real time due to SimulCam, so yes that is our technological VFX paradigm for Frankenstein.”

Collider also talked to Levy about his upcoming FANTASTIC VOYAGE adaptation. To check out what the director had to say regarding that just head right over HERE.

So there you have it folks! FRANKENSTEIN has been shocked back to life and now looks to kick some ass. Unfortunately it seems Levy will be tackling the comedy INTERNS before building his monster though, so we may have a bit longer to wait on this one.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how long it'll be before a BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN reboot gets going.
Source: Collider



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