Syfy's Critters movie has already finished filming & might star Dee Wallace

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UPDATE: Many of the behind-the-scenes Instagram images have been removed since this article was posted. That's unfortunate, but was to be expected given how secretive Syfy is trying to be about this project.


A lot of the write-ups done on director Bobby Miller's 2016 film THE CLEANSE (which our own Eric Walkuski reviewed when it was going by the title THE MASTER CLEANSE) referred to the little creatures featured in it as "critters", so it seems quite fitting that Miller appears to be the director of the CRITTERS movie that recently wrapped production in South Africa.

This new CRITTERS film is a Syfy project, and while there haven't been any official announcements made about it yet, Production Weekly reported that it was scheduled to start filming in South Africa in January with Adam Friedlander and Armand Leo producing. In December, Rue Morgue's Michael Gingold speculated that Miller might be taking the helm when the director mentioned on Instagram that he was in South Africa for a new feature. It looks like Gingold was on to something, because Miller has since been tagged in an Instagram post that revealed February 6th was the last day of filming.

How do we know it was the CRITTERS movie that wrapped production? The accompanying picture of a Krite holding a camera is a good indication.

TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL cinematographer Hein de Vos actually shared several behind-the-scenes images from the filming of the new CRITTERS, most of which were pretty subtle... Although Krites are glimpsed in a couple of them, including a very cool shot of a Critter ball about to roll down a lot of steps.

Syfy is keeping all of the details on this project under wraps, so the Instagram images below are almost all we have to go on right now. We might also know the identity of one cast member, though. There's a rumor going around that original CRITTERS star Dee Wallace has a role in this new film - and in an interview that hit YouTube a couple weeks ago, Wallace mentioned that she had just finished working on a secret project in South Africa. That video can also be seen below, so you can watch it and decide whether or not you want to believe that Wallace has returned to the CRITTERS franchise.

While we wait to learn more about Syfy's (/ Miller's?) CRITTERS, the eight episode web series Critters: A New Binge will be released on Shudder on March 21st. That one was directed by ZOMBEAVERS' Jordan Rubin.


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