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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stephen Herek

Dee Wallace/Helen
M. Emmet Walsh/Harv
Billy Green Bush/Jay
Nadine Van der Velde/April
7 10
Ma, Pa, Sis and little bro live on a farm. They are the typical weed whacking family…living in a typical weed whacking town. The town is populated with the fat sheriff (Walsh), the town drunk (Hopper) and lots of cows. But something is going to disrupt their cozy lives. That something is a spaceship full of Critters ( kind of like porcupines on steroids) who just escaped a space prison and come to earth for only one thing…FOOD Lucky for us mortals…two bounty hunters are hot on their trail…
This movie is fun. For a low budget horror flick we’ve got an impressive cast on our hands…Wallace, Walsh, Zane…and since the actor’s are so good, it makes the silly things that happen around them believable. There’s is genuine suspense in this movie, intentional laughs and fun action. The Bounty Hunters bring gratuitous fight scenes to the movie (always good to have them) and lots of humor. The Critters effects (created by The Chiodo Brothers) are good and even when they look bad they’re good.

This is Sc-Fi, horror, comedy at it’s best. Now lets get some dessert…
Not much of it…few bite marks here and there but it’s ok…this movie has everything else.
Very solid. Eat your heart out DeNiro. Wallace is very good in this film…by now she has the \"mom\" part nailed down. (she played a mom in E.T. and Cujo) All of the actors are very good, but I have a fondness for the family unit…they feel like a real family. And yes Zane’s hair gives a great performance. Give his hair an Oscar already!!! (his bald head now)
T & A
Jack all! I never thought I’d say this but I’m happy nobody showed their goodies…it would have been distracting…
Tight. The pace is fast so the directing has to be too. Lets also not forget that Herek is no bum…Bill N Ted wuz an excellent movie.
The soundtrack is kool. Fun 80’s rock/pop songs. I loved the 80’s tune \"Power Of The Night\". The score fits the film like a glove. (witness the montage of the Critters fooling around and listen to the score that they play during…its great).
It’s harmless pop corn fun. And it’s well done. You feel that the people behind this film ( actors and crew) had a great time making it…and as an audience we feel that come through the screen. A definite keeper. BTW Look for the E.T. reference (other than Wallace’s presence of course).
Critters wuz followed by three sequels. Part 2 was ok (directed by Mick Garris who directed The Stand and SleepWalkers) Part 3 has Leonardo DiCaprio in it and part 4 takes place in space.

I’ve noticed that a lot of horror movie \"heroes\" sooner or later wind up in space. Critters checked it out, so did Pin Head (Hellraiser), that lousy Leprechaun (he also checked out Vegas) and soon the man with the plan Jason Voorhees in JASON X Jason In Space. Who’s next? Freddy???