Ted Geoghegan to cause Satanic Panic in his sophomore feature

WE ARE STILL HERE director Ted Geoghegan is getting back in the saddle! Re-teaming with CHEAP THRILLS producer Travis Stevens, the new feature is called SATANIC PANICThe screenplay will be written by HORRORSTOR author Grady Hendrix, and it will:

center on a minimum-wage delivery girl who is forced into a night-long battle with the rich and affluent leaders of a suburban community after discovering they’re part of a satanic cult. 

Says Geoghegan, “equal parts supernatural horror and survival thriller, the film hinges on smart, funny dialogue and a clever, surprisingly badass female hero."

If the title in any way hearkens back to the suburban fears of Satanism in the 80's, we might have a blistering satire on our hands. After all that worrying about backmasking and Dungeons and Dragons, it turns out that we really should have been afraid of the people in charge of the moral majority. Intriguing... 

More news as this film develops!

Extra Tidbit: Were you a fan of WE ARE STILL HERE?
Source: Variety



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