The Crow will probably lose director Corin Hardy

This is my "give me a f*ckin break" face

Some movies just shouldn't exist.

Sounds like a cheap tagline, but it certainly applies to THE CROW, a movie so beset with setbacks and problems that it seems destined to be shut down forever. And yet, it lives on.

The latest issue for the film, which is currently without a star after Jack Huston dropped out, is the status of director Corin Hardy (THE HALLOW). The film's producer Edward R. Pressman recently filed an objection to the film's inclusion being among Relativity Studio's assets as it prepares for a sale. Relativity filed for bankruptcy in July, leaving this project - and many others - in limbo.

Pressman's objection claims he's "in danger of losing the services of the director of the picture … who is widely regarded as a key creative element. Thus, the production of the picture is imploding even as the time to make the picture is running out under the Crow contract.”

If Hardy exits, he wouldn't be the first to head for the door. Stephen Norrington, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and F. Javier Gutierrez have all been stationed behind the camera at one point or another, while the character of Eric Draven has briefly been inhabited by Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Huston - among others. Again, maybe this bird just wasn't meant to fly. 

Source: The Wrap



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