The final episode of JoBlo's Zen has arrived. It's called...uh-huh, the Final Zen!

When you're running a movie fansite, you tend to "try" a lot of different things to see if something will work, and as much success as we've had launching new columns like UNPOPULAR OPINION, THE FACE-OFFS, C'MON HOLLYWOOD and many others, we've also had some projects that didn't quite click with our audience like THE JOBLO MOVIE SHOW (which was actually well received by those who saw it, but not enough people were watching) and now JOBLO'S ZEN. Such is life...

In the end, we really had a lot of fun putting these things together, but also learned to appreciate how difficult making an online animated series can be, especially in short form. That's despite the awesome artwork by the folks over at Snark Rocket Studios (thanks dudes!). And even though this is the "Final Zen" episode, we hope to try something else with animation and/or video in the future, so stay tuned for that and hopefully the next project will be better received. In the meantime, check into the final episode of JoBlo's Zen in which the two lead characters reminisce about JoBlo's Zen over a camping trip. PS: It has a "bad" ending... ;)

EPISODE #7: The Final Zen...



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