The Pact sequel moving ahead, Entrance duo set to helm

Nicholas McCarthy's THE PACT was a solid shocker that equally impressed critics and fans. A haunted house tale that effectively provided enough chills and genuine scares to satiate almost any fan of the genre, THE PACT was ripe for a sequel and for some time it was thought that McCarthy would be delivering just that with his latest film, HOME (which we last covered HERE). Although HOME ended up being its own entity (get it?), that didn't stop Content Film from moving forward with a sequel to THE PACT, and now Variety has reported that ENTRANCE duo Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath are positioned to make it happen.

The sequel will pick up a few weeks after the events of the original, following a woman whose carefully constructed life begins to unravel due to nightmares that disturb her waking life.

Nicholas McCarthy is supportive of the sequel, sharing that he has confidence that Hallam and Horvath will deliver a proper continuation of the story.

When I saw Dallas and Patrick's first feature I recognized that these guys were extremely talented and shared a real love and respect for horror."

THE PACT 2 will again be produced by Ross M. Dinerstein of Preferred Films and TV, and executive produced by McCarthy and Content's Jamie Carmichael. Content and Preferred Films will jointly sell North American rights with Content handling international sales.

Content Film is currently shopping the film package to buyers at the European Film Market. We'll keep you posted on updates as we hear them.

Extra Tidbit: Were you impressed by McCarthy's THE PACT and are you stoked to see a sequel?
Source: Variety



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