The Purge TV series will reveal what happens the other 364 days of the year

It was only a few weeks ago that we hit you guys with the new there was a TV series in the works based on Blumhouse's THE PURGE film series. Today we have some cool new info on the film via Deadline and Blumhouse head honcho himself, Jason Blum.

First off, THE PURGE TV Series is set to run two separate networks! Crazy, right? Yes, it is a bit unconventional but all the same, THE PURGE is set to run on both USA Network and SyFy in 2018. The series' premiere is planned to coincide with the release of THE PURGE 4.

Next, we learned that the series will be written, directed, and executive produced by franchise creator James DeMonaco, with the series being sold as “an entirely new chapter in America’s 12 hours of annual lawlessness.”

Finally, Deadline got word from Jason Blum himself about what we can expect from the series.

Jason Blum on THE PURGE TV series:

“It will reveal to the fans what happens the other 364 days of the year and how that law affects people."

Hot and damn. This is exactly what I'm thinking every single person who gave a (slight) sh*t about the upcoming series was hoping for. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the PURGE film series, but I think the idea of exploring the days, months, and politics surrounding the annual Purge Night is a much more fascinating story than watching people in (really cool) masks kill other people in (really cool) masks.

For now, that is all the news we have on THE PURGE TV series, but we will be on top of this news and let you know as soon as we hear more!

I'd purge with ELECTION YEAR's Elizabeth Mitchell! Whatever that means.

Extra Tidbit: They should call it THE PURGE: 364. There, called it.
Source: Deadline



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