Frank Grillo says there is a script for a final Purge film and tells the studio he is ready to go

The star of the Purge sequels says there is a final script written by series writer James DeMonaco and is working on moving it forward.

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The Purge franchise started out as a uniquely conceptual suspense-filled horror thriller that was a scaled down, home invasion flick. Then, the sequels started exploring more and more of the concepts that surrounded a dark holiday in which people can act out their darkest desires without legal repercussions. The star of the sequels, and action movie journeyman, Frank Grillo, was kind enough to speak to JoBlo for his latest film, Little Dixie, where he spoke about the possibility of closing out the series.

You know, we keep bouncing back and forth. There is a script. James DeMonaco wrote it. And he wants to direct the last one. He had directed the last three or four. It centers on Leo, my character. They were high on it for a minute, then the put it on the back burner. And I just recently heard Blum[house] say they weren’t sure when they wanted to do it or if they wanted to do it. So, I’m ready! I’m in shape and ready to go! And I think they would be crazy, out of their minds not to do one more of those movies with James DeMonaco.”

The Purge sequels, Anarchy and Election Year, followed a character portrayed by Grillo called Sergeant Leo Barnes, who took to the Purge to seek vengeance for his son’s wrongful death. Then, his character would lead the security detail of a new president elect who would be targeted for death on the Purge night. There are currently no details released of what Barnes would be encountering in this final installment of the franchise or at least, the conclusion to Leo’s story.

James DeMonaco had written the screenplays in every movie in the franchise and directed a few of them including the first, which starred Ethan Hawke, and the subsequent sequels featuring Grillo. Grillo would also work with DeMonaco on the coming-of-age comedy titled, This is the Night, about a family in Staten Island in 1982 who find the courage to face their respective personal issues after attending a highly anticipated premiere of Rocky III which inspired them with the classic underdog triumph story.

Little Dixie starring Frank Grillo and Annabeth Gish is now available on digital.

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