The Purge 6: James DeMonaco, Frank Grillo are working on getting the sequel made

The Forever Purge (pick up a copy HERE), the fifth film in the Purge franchise, was said to be the final chapter in the series when it was first announced… but while doing press for the film last year, Purge creator James DeMonaco revealed that he had come up with an idea for one more sequel. One that would see Frank Grillo reprising the role of Leo Barnes from The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year. Then Grillo confirmed that he and DeMonaco were “committed” to making The Purge 6 together. A year and a half later, it doesn’t look like Universal has officially given the project a greenlight yet, but during an interview with Empire magazine (with thanks to Screen Rant for sharing the excerpt), Grillo said that he and DeMonaco are still working on pushing The Purge 6 forward toward production.

Grillo said, “I had an idea in my head about how I should look, and how I’m gonna hold my guns. All that stuff I planned out. (The Purge: Anarchy) solidified me as a guy who could carry a mid-level action movie. And the director, James DeMonaco, changed my life. [I’ve] got one more Purge left. James has the script. It focuses on the Leo Barnes character, and he wants to direct it. We’re working with Universal to see if we can pull this off before I’m in the old folks’ home.

DeMonaco The Hollywood Reporter last year, “I’ve written [The Purge 6]. I didn’t think I was going to write six, but then I woke up about six months ago with an idea. I thought I was definitely finished with The Purge franchise. (Laughs.) And then the events of January 6th happened and the incredible amount of discord in this country came up. So I woke up with this idea, and I pitched it to Jason [Blum] and Sébastien [K. Lemercier], my producers. Eventually, I pitched it to Peter Cramer at the studio [Universal], and they all loved it. They said, “Go write it.” So I just finished it about a month ago, and it also marks the return of the Frank Grillo character, which I think is fun for the audience and for me. I love Frank. It’s the return of the Leo Barnes character. Everything takes place about ten to fifteen years after Forever Purge, and when we enter into the movie, America has been completely remapped. The country has broken down. We’ve taken the divisiveness into remapping the country, and we’ve broken down into very strong tribal lines in this new map of America. So I think it’s an interesting place. I would say it’s like chapter two. We’re restarting in this new world.

What do you think of the idea of DeMonaco and Grillo making The Purge 6 together? Are you interested in seeing one more Purge movie with Grillo in the lead? Because I definitely am. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Screen Rant

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