Blumhouse's The Purge 4 hits in 2018

The untitled Next Purge Chapter.

That is what the new PURGE movie is currently being referred to as. I say keep that name, guys! Anyway, it looks like Hollywood is moving forward with THE PURGE 4. They have even set a release date of July 4, 2018

Director of the first three flicks, James DeMonaco still plans to write the fourth movie, but has been said to have no plans to direct the flick himself. That said, he will help Universal, Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes find his replacement. 

The plot and concept of the new pic are under wraps, but we can assume there will be another Purge, and people will kill or be killed. Or, you know, the hunters will be come the hunted. Or, tonight. You. Will. Get. Purged! Or some other such tomfoolery.

I have not actually seen ANY of the films in THE PURGE series. I know, weird, right? But it looks like I may the only one because the last flick PURGE: ELECTION YEAR scored $79.2 at the box-office, the original THE PURGE made $64.5M domestic and THE PURGE: ANARCHY made $111.9M World-wide. Very impressive. THE PURGE movies combined have scored $315.4M at the box-office, with a total combined budget of just $23M. 

Huh. Go figure it's getting a sequel.

[insert Elizabeth Mitchell/Purge sexual innuendo joke here]
Extra Tidbit: I wonder why they choose to release PURGE 4 on July 4th...
Source: Deadline



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