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A Perfect Getaway(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: David Twohy

Steve Zahn/Cliff
Timothy Olyphant/Nick
Milla Jovovich/Cydney
Kiele Sanchez/Gina
8 10
A newly married couple vacationing in “Dwaye The Dog Chapman country” (Hawaii that is) see their honeymoon go to shits-ville when they quickly realize that a killer (s) is hanging about, digging on slaughtering…you guessed it… recently married couples. Hear me now!

6 Strangers. 2 Killers. No Getting Away.

I was jazzed about A PERFECT GETAWAY. Why? Two words DAVID and TWOHY. The criminally underrated writer/director has been a stand out contributor to the genre over the years. I mean he wrote: Critters 2, Warlock 1 and 2 and the underrated Impostor (director’s cut that is). He also wrote and directed the superior The Arrival, Below, Pitch Black and of course one of my favs The Chronicles of Riddick. When I think Twohy - above the norm genre fare comes to my noggin and thankfully, that’s exactly what I got once again via A PERFECT GETAWAY.

A PERFECT GETAWAY was a deliciously slow burning thriller that reeled me into its web off the bat and that didn’t let me go till the end credits bled the screen. The flick bravely played by its own rules story structure wise, making for a unique and somewhat unpredictable watch as to its chain of events. Although I knew where it was going — I didn’t know how it was gonna get there. High five and hit to Twohy for pulling off some fancy moves as a director! The suspense was flowing like aqua at a wet t-shirt contest, the visuals came with a hefty serving of “whoopass” in their backpacks (so dug the visual devices used to communicate the final plot turn) and the vibe going eventually got under my skin to cause mucho discomfort (that shitty Pop Corn I was munching on didn’t help with that either). How Twohy managed to have the “paradise” like aura of his beach/mountain setting eventually feel like walking through a spooky cemetery is beyond me — but he did it, so a pat on the ass and a couple of hookers thrown his way for that.

Now A PERFECT GETAWAY wouldn’t have worked half as well if Twohy’s script wasn’t tuned this tightly and executed by such a talented cast. The characterization on hand was so endearing (Olyphant’s “hard to kill” role had me grinning throughout) whilst the dialogue was clever and charming. I was so getting off on the folks in this film and the exchanges they kept having; especially when it came to the banter between Zahn and Olyphant. F*cking A man! GOLD! Speaking of the actors in this petting Zoo — whoever cast this puppy deserves…well….something… I don’t know what it is yet, talk to me when the hangover goes away. Milla Jovovich, Kiele Sanchez (who shined here big time) Steve Zahn (dude got to truly flex his acting muscles with the role), Timothy Olyphant (aka scene stealer), Mary Shelton….WOW….what an ensemble!

JENGA on top of that, some potent tension laced bit that had me wiggling in my seat like a dude having an hemorrhoids attack, fly gory goods that came out of left field in the last block hence whopping me silly, slick movie references and polished photography that made the whole pleasant to the retinas and ya get a well rounded and highly entertaining thriller. Any venom to spit? Not much. One of the red herrings was way TOO obvious and sadly for me I guessed the film’s surprised 5 to 10 minutes in - so yeah - the “yowzer factor” was lessened for this jerk. Some of the green screen work was a tad obvious as well but I easily let that go. Finally, either there were minor plot holes here or I’m a complete moron that didn’t fully grasp the “how” behind it all. I opt for the latter theory.

Verdict: I know its opening weekend has already past, but if you haven’t seen it, I urge ya to stab some of your summer time aside for this PERFECT GETAWAY.
We get cut off fingers, pulled out teeth, bullet hits to the head, knife stabbings and… I’ll stop right there man… when the flick went for the throat, it did so without flinching and the graphic goods rose to the surface. All ya need to know… I won’t give anymore away...
T & A
Us gents are treated to lots of cleavage, long legs, the side of Kiele Sanchez’ naked bum-bum and that’s it. The ladies get a Olyphant butt shot!
A PERFECT GETAWAY was a near perfect thriller! The script sported smarts, wit, winning dialogue and a groovy mean streak. Moreover, Twohy was on fire behind the camera while his cast knocked it out of the park in the charisma, chemistry and credibility department. Sure the green screen was meh in places and I figured this one’s ,mind game way too early - but ya know what, the fact that I still managed to have a rocking good time with it nonetheless only says one thing: STRONG F*CKING FILM. See it!
Although set in Hawaii the bulk of the film was shot in Puerto Rico.

Timothy Olyphant has 3 children with his wife Alexis Kniel.

David Twohy was offered AVP but he turned it down. I say give him ALIEN 5!