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April Fool's Day(1986)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Fred Walton

Jay Baker/Harvey
Deborah Foreman/Muffy
Deborah Goodrich/Nikki
Ken Olandt/Rob
8 10
Hot-to-trot brunette Muffy (Foreman) (yes, there’s a "muff diving" joke in the movie) invites a bunch of her rich college homies (yes, they’re all horny) to a secluded mansion which she’s about to inherit. You see, the day is April Fool's and she plans on throwing the party of a lifetime with jokes on them up the kazoo. Fortunately for us, a happy-go-lucky psycho is also on the prowl and he has a party of his own organized…slicing and dicing the guests.

April Fool's.... - Muffy

"April Fool's Day" will always be a personal fav of mine. Is it because it had marked me when I was a little brat? Is it because I related to the abundance of sex-inclined talk? Or maybe it's because I always got a kick out of seeing Deborah Foreman (Muffy) say the words "April Fool's Day" as she licked her lips sensually. It's a combination of a bunch of swell things and apart from those easy 3 reasons, April Fool's Day has a lot more to celebrate as well.

To begin with, even though the plot is fairly "slasher" classic, the flick delivers it with such high enthusiasm and sharp wit that I couldn't help but get sucked into it and then some. I adored the many "unfortunate events" which occurred throughout the film and how they toyed with our noggins so deliciously. Are they real? Are they jokes? I won't tell. Either way, they were a hoot to witness. The many more obvious gags themselves were also pretty funny. I actually felt envious of these rich snots because that "shindig" looked like horror fun times to me. Wish I could've been there to partake in the festivities.

It also really helped that the lead characters, although horror token in their nature, are played by a slew of talented actors. I warmed up to most everybody here. From Muffy (Foreman) the brunette vixen, to Nikki (Goodrich) the token blonde slut (and God, she does it so well) to Arch (Wilson) the cock machine on the prowl (loved that collar up, collar down shite). This sly one surprisingly also gives these characters an amount of depth that didn't really bring much to the picture on a narrative standpoint, but that wound up helping me care about these rich fools even more.

Horror-wise, the flick tosses enough creepy elements to give you a minor case of the chills. Be it odd "baby cries" in the night, framed pictures with eyes that move or blood-soaked sheets. Now sure this is a slasher, but it's not in that respect that I got the most out of my strokes. The mystery surrounding the kills is what kept me going. I was so into the clues, the red herrings and the whodunit. Much like the lead characters, I was obsessed in trying to piece it all together. I also dug this party girl's knack at poking fun at well known horror conventions. Yes, it did it before "Scream" followed its lead. Which brings me to the film's double twist ending. You'll love it or hate it and it might actually define your like or dislike of this flick overall. As for me, you guessed it...I fell for it and found it to be a ballsy move for a "mainstream" slasher released by a big studio (Paramount).

Do have any qualms with the film? A few but nothing major. First off, I wasn't a hundred percent on the killings mostly being off-screen or after the fact, that kind of took away from their impact. But once the end credits rolled, I easily forgave the movie for that. The lack of nudity did actually annoy me though. Nikki had "tit shot" written all over her and when the time came to let it rip...she avoided the issue. And last but not least, I totally loathed the character of Harvey (Baker) and wanted to stick that big cigar far, far up his snotty ass. Nope, nothing erotic there...just for shits and giggles. But that's just me.

Overall, "April Fool's Day" is a clever, well written, fast paced, mystery-laden slasher that oozes with sexual energy, some spooks and humor. The fact that all these goodies took place at a gorgeous "lake" location that reminded me of another Paramount slasher also contributed in upping my enjoyment factor .This one aims to please and asks us to get in there and have fun with it. Once it's done, you'll either kick it off the bed or jump it again and beg for seconds. Let's put on our party hats!

Although most of the murders are committed off-screen, we are privileged to see the aftermaths. When bodies start popping up, we are graced with cut off heads, gouged eyes, cut off penis (ouch), a slit throat and more! The film isn't a gore fest, but it's not really about that in the first place.
Amy Steel (Kit) gives another solid performance as the tough chick with the most (I love her). Ken Olandt (Rob) plays it kool and has one hilarious scene near the end. Deborah Goodrich (Nikki) is awesome eye candy and she does the slut with a brain routine to perfection. Deborah Foreman is not only a wonderful actress who nailed every aspect of this part, but she's also dangerously appealing. Thomas F. Wilson (Arch) cracked me up as the sexual perv on a mission. Yes, he was Biff in "Back to the Future" and you'll love him or hate him here. Jay Baker (Harvey) is so fucking annoying.
T & A
I felt teased…and that hurt. The resident bimbo Nikki (Deborah Goodrich) struts her stuff all over the place but never puts out. The most we get is a shot of her with an open shirt stretching out a window, but the breasts never pop out. We also get a shot of her with her leg pinned behind her shoulders while getting plowed, but the scene is played for laughs not eroticism. Damn you, Nikki! At least the ladies get to see Rob Olant (Rob) without a shirt walking around in his "Fruit Of The Loom" underwear. The females get all the luck here. NOTE: Why are all the sluts in 80’s flicks called Nikki?
Except for a few stylish flashbacks and the use of a video camera handled by some of the guests early on ("Reality Bites", anyone?) the directing is simplistic but it works in the film's favor. Walton does successfully capture the beautiful "lake" scenery for our viewing pleasure and does manage to milk some tension out of some of his stalk sequences.
The eerie score by Charles Bernstein really hit the spot with its childlike, playful and otherworldly vibe. It enhanced the power of some scenes on many occasions. He's the same dude that did the score for the original "Nightmare on Elm Street".
Distributor: Paramount

IMAGE: The Widescreen anamorphic image didn't impress me. It's filled with grain and lacks sharpness. But then again, it's better than watching it on VHS.

SOUND: The English Dolby Digital 5.1 sound serves the film well, especially when it came to the spooky score., We also get options for English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, French Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono and the Available subtitles are: English

Paramount treats this one the same way that they treated the Friday the 13th series: like a chump! No extras, no trailers, a bland menu. Shame on you, Paramount! Can't horror get ANY respect in your house? At least the film is good.
If this happy-go-lucky horror treat was remade today, it would be a huge hit. We get a bunch of teens, a clever script, funny dialogue, enough mystery for five "Scooby-Doo" episodes, a mind bending whodunit and a double surprise ending. For all of you who are still following the 90's horror trend (Scream and all), do yourself a favor and rent this gem and see how they did it in the 80’s way before Ghostface showed up tripping all over the place like a drunk whore. Check it out or the joke's on you.
The lovely Deborah Foreman won the "Most Promising New Star" award from "ShowWest" in 1986 (What happened girl? Where u at?).

And the dude that wrote this great flick (Danilo Bach) came up with the story for "Beverly Hills Cop".