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Child's Play 3(1991)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jack Bender

Justin Whalin/Andy
Perrey Reeves/De Silva
Travis Fine/Shelton
Brad Dourif/Voice of Chucky
7 10
Teen Andy (Whalin) is slapped in a military school and Chucky (Dourif), the foul mouth murdering doll, is put together again in the factory. Guess where Chuck is going? You got it! He’s going to play "Rambo" with Andy’s ass. Does this "Good Guy" ever quit?
This sequel was released a year after Part 2 and it shows. Can you say "rush job"? They should’ve taken their time with this one, instead of succumbing to the mighty buck. This third entry is not horrible, but it’s got its share of problems. First off, the script is weak. There’s no way in hell the company would go ahead with a relaunching of the "Good Guy" doll. I don’t care how many years have passed. The doll has the "murder/death" stigma attached to it and I doubt the average consumer, or the press for that matter, would ever let that go. Second of all, I didn’t buy Chuck not needing Andy any more and finding a newfound target/host. In Part 2, Chucky was also rebuilt with new plastic. Why didn’t the "Good Guy" think of that then? Andy should’ve stayed Chuck’s main goal cause the Tyler (Sylvers) crap got played out real fast. Hide and go seek this, beeyatch!

Setting the film in a military school is a good idea but why didn’t they milk it more? The film could’ve taken place in my kitchen and the result would have been the same. Apart from the war game scene, I don’t think they capitalized enough on the fresh location. Another thing: having an amusement park right next to a military academy is hard to swallow. On the grounds they handle guns, grenades, what-not, and there’s no way they would build a park near all that. The only reason the park is there is so the movie can have a groovy location in which to set its finale…. felt kind of cheap. Speaking of the finale, the haunted house is kool but what’s up with that huge open fan or that Grim Reaper that swooshes his "real" blade at the kids? No fucking way. This park is just begging to get closed down.

This sequel also repeats Part Two’s biggest mistake. Most of the side characters are solely there to be Chucky meat fodder and I knew that. One thing I didn’t need was overextended stalk sequences involving characters I couldn’t give a damn about. Take the opening murder for example. It takes forever to get to the point! I was yelling out loud: Kill the guy already! I know he’s going to die; you don’t have to take 10 minutes to get to the killing!

The film is not a total waste. I got a kick out of seeing Chucky walking around with a huge army knife. Seeing Chuck fuck people up is always fun times. I also dug the war game incident; I love carnage. And the humor worked half the time (loved the heart attack scene…lol). But overall, this sequel felt lazy. It's by the numbers and even Chucky looks like he’s a bit tired of the same old crap. They could’ve tried harder, developing the characters more (the love story was weak), giving the a-hole a better death sequence (I wanted him to suffer) and concentrating more on the suspense. This movie is just a big excuse for Chucky to wreck havoc. Nothing wrong with that but more depth and surprises would have been appreciated. Is this the end, friend?
We get a beautiful slit throat and the occasional red splat. Average.
Justin Whalin (Andy) does well as the teen Andy. He has a baby face that works and he shows the right amount of vulnerability. Perrey Reeves (De Silva) is solid as the tough chick but I would’ve cast a better looking broad to give the audience better eye candy. This movie needed it. Jeremy Sylvers (Tyler) does ok but I have a thing against kids in movies, they get on my freaking nerves. Alex Vincent (original Andy) is the exception. Travis Fine (Shelton) looks and acts like an a-hole. I bought it, great job jerkoff! Dean Jacobson (Whitehurst) plays the dweeb very well and sure knows how to disarm grenades…lol. Andrew Robinson (Sergeant Botnick) has a blast playing the obsessive barber; he put a smile on my face. Brad Dourif (Voice of Chucky) does it again, his squeaky voice never gets old, go boy!
T & A
Chucky doesn’t get lucky here and neither do we.
The opening credit sequence is cheesy but kind of trippy…I dug. Bender loves slow motion and lucky for him so do I; he cranks it up whenever he can. He also loves POV shots, be it of a dart or of Chucky. He offers us a few nice shots (loved the Chucky reflection in the computer screen) but unfortunately he knows jack all about suspense and doesn’t even try to make the film scary. Dude, it takes more than slow motion to breathe life into a horror flick! Where’s Tom Holland when you need him?
A total departure from the previous two entries. Here we get a lot of electric guitar twang…it works but I missed the "jack in the box" like score…
Hardcore Chucky fans (like myself) will get a kick out of seeing the pint size killer go through the motions. I can think of worse way to kill two hours. But that doesn’t change the fact that this flick has no heart. It takes more than a new location to make a good horror sequel. It takes scares, smarts and balls. Lucky for us "Good Guys" fans, Bride Of Chucky came along to set things right. Hi I’m Arrow, I like to be hugged!
This sequel caused controversy in the UK when it was suggested that the flick inspired two 11-year-old boys to kidnap and murder a three-year-old kid. The film wasn’t officially banned but many video stores refused to carry it and TV wouldn’t air it.

The USA Network version has many scenes not found in the theatrical version. Here’s one: Shelton catches Andy and De Silva making out in the woods. I knew he was a Peeping Tom!