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Friday the 13th Part 3(1982)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Steve Miner

Dana Kimmel/Chris
Paul Kratka/Rick
Tracie Savage/Debbie
Jeffrey Rodgers/Andy
8 10
Jason is back, to mutilate a group of weed smoking, horny teens at a farm near Crystal Lake. He also finds his first hockey mask…

Chuck: How come you never scream when we have sex?
Chili: Give me something to scream about.

Hit me baby one more time. Jason is back and he’s as loony as ever. From the opening "disco" Friday theme, to the suspense filled ending this film had me by the jewels and wouldn’t let up. This flick was released in theaters in 3D and I had the chance of seeing it on the big screen in 3D a year ago, it was amazing. All the stuff they throw at the screen (yo yo, pitchfork, eyeball, popcorn) made sense in 3D and was lots of fun.

This entry has lots of ingredients that the later sequels lost along the way. We’ll start with Jason. In this one he comes across as a retarded, murdering/pervert/rapist. He seems to be loving his job, having fun opposite being pissed off (like in the later sequels). He’s totally insane and scared the crap out of me. At this stage in the series, we’re not rooting for Jason yet (I started rooting for him with Part 6). The characters/victims are a tad more developed than in the later entries (well some of them) with witty dialogue in tow and I was actually afraid for them. Some of the stalk scenes are a bit overlong, but the payoffs are worth it. Part 3 was released in a time when good gore was still somewhat fashionable and we get some nice moments (loved the eyeball popping scene).

We get a lot of the familiar with a few new things tossed in: Yes the teens are still horny, yes they smoke lots of weed (more than usual in this one) and yes that old guy that warns people is there again (he’s always there). But on this ride the teens are more likeable, the heroine has a past with Jason, Jason’s name and backstory is never revealed, Jason puts on his first hockey mask (historical moment), Jason gets to kill a group of poser bikers (funny shite) and we also get a murder sequence with echoes of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" when it comes to that funny dude’s demise…Shelly.

This film ain't high art. It’s a slasher flick. If you don’t dig em, don’t bother watching em. The film does follow the generic slasher rules and the surprises are minimum if you know your shite (the false ending is identical to the one in the original) A lot of it is recycled but it’s still a solid slasher flick. Put on your hockey mask and lets kill some teens…

Speargun in the eye, knifings but my fav is without a doubt the guy that gets machete in half…wow…in 3D it looks even better. I will never do handstands again.
I’ll make this fast. All the actors are decent. Special commendation goes to Larry Zerner (Shelly) who plays one of the more developed victim to ever grace a Friday The 13th and on a negative vibe to Paul Kratka (Rick) who gives us a whiny, wimpy, wannabe tough guy performance. I cheered when he got his just dessert. Dana Kimbell (Chris) the heroine does good but I couldn’t help remember what she once said in an interview: "I was not wild about the gore and the sexual stuff, so I talked to the producer and a lot of those elements were eliminated or curbed". A traitor in the fold my friends. This is Friday The 13th Part 3 not Murder She Wrote you dummy…mind your own business girl!!!!!
T & A
Some light tittie stuff…
Miner does well, managing to build the occasional tension, some mood and giving us really great shots in the final battle.
The opening disco stuff is worth the price of rental alone.
This film works on two levels. A: It’s a straight slasher flick with gory kills and a creepy villain. B: It’s a funny piece of horror pop culture, with 3D shots, a funky score, funny lines, bad fashion and unintentionally funny over the top gory bits that will crack your arse up. I had forgotten that Jason was once scary, that he wasn’t always the hero…this film reminded me. For all of you who accuse Mr. Voorhees of being a Michael Myers clone…see this film. Apart from the fact that they both like to kill people they are very different. Friday The 13th Part 3 is a Jason’s fan wet dream, the scene where Chris is in the boat and Jason is in the window getting all excited is scarier than all of Halloween 2. Lets give Jason some respect, cause with this entry, he deserves it.
The mask theory: Rumor has it that the special effect crew was Canadian and it was their idea to slap a hockey mask on Jason, to salute their hockey loving country… Canada.

Steve Minor has a cameo as a newscaster.

The following scenes were cut to avoid an "X" rating from the MPAA:

The death scene of Andy showed his right leg and stomach being cut apart.

Vera's death was longer, it included more blood and a shot of her reaction. It was cut because the board said that it looked to real.

A different ending in which Chris, is killed by Jason. Instead of being attacked in the water by his mother, Chris axes Jason in the head and goes out to lay in the canoe. The night becomes dawn and Chris gets out of the canoe to go back into the cabin. Chris walks up to the front door and opens it. Right there in the door is Jason with an axe in his hand. He grabs Chris by her hair and slices her head clean off of her shoulders.

Theatrical prints in Canada omit two scenes which are found in the U.S. prints:

A scene which simulates the film projector reel suddenly breaking, and a shadowy figure appearing behind the movie screen.

When the police investigate Jason's dead body in the barn and his fingers begin to suddenly twitch.