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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Christopher Nolan

Leonardo DiCaprio/Cobb
Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Arthur
Ellen Page/Ariadne
Tom Hardy/Eames
10 10
A dream thief named Cobb (DiCaprio) gets a team together and attempts to pull off a mucho ambitious in-dream coup while battling his own personal demons. Yup that’s me being vague. Am trying yall…am trying…

Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange. - Cobb

Sometimes a movie rocks me so hard that words run away from me like I run away from VISA creditors. INCEPTION is one of them times, I’m presently stumped! I have no idea where to begin or what to yap! I wish I could just digest the flick and call it a day, but alas I have to verbally vomit about it right f*cking now. The Inception score is booming out of my speakers... here goes nothing! Christopher Nolan has done it again! The dude blew my mind with MEMENTO, BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT (yeah I got to give THE PRESTIGE another look-see, I dug it but it didn’t own me) and now he thoroughly fried my 2 remaining brain cells with his newest creation INCEPTION. My expectations for this one were through the skirt and to be honest, for the first 15 minutes or so, I was a tad underwhelmed, thinking, shit this is gonna be a another 2010 summer opus that will NOT live up to my expectations. Man was I wrong! Eventually the picture managed to get its hooks in me and once dug in deep, it took me on quite the eye popping, mind numbing and wow inducing ride.

Hookers who put out free tricks turn me on. Is that wrong? Talk amongst yourselves. With that statement out of the way, I read somewhere that Nolan (who took like 9 years to write the Inception screenplay and it shows) first thought his idea would evolve into a horror film. It instead became a pseudo sci-fi/robbery party and I think that was the right way to go about it with the concept. What could’ve been a Nightmare on Elm Street (which is great in its own rights, the original that is, f*ck the remake) is now something much more vast and challenging. INCEPTION worked me on 3 potent levels. First it was a visceral heist picture with a maze like narrative structure and a left-hook sci-fi twist. A do or die mission and a group of lovable hoodlums coming together whilst sharing an endearing chemistry together, they all plunge into hell together — will they make it out? I was OWNED right there!. At the same time the flick was a moving character study, a tragic love story and a tale of redemption. Following Cobb (DiCaprio) around as he dealt with his past, strived to "move forward" while being affected by the revelations that gradually unravelled was poignant to say the least. I was touched many o times during this watch and taking into account its scope that was a feat in itself. No matter how big and visually INSANE the film was, it never lost its heart, its humanity and that upped the impact of the game big time.

Inception swayed me visually as well via its striking, often inventive and completely OUT THERE set pieces. Yup I’ll sheep here but I agree with the masses; not since The Matrix have I seen such ingenious, huge and technically flawless sequences. I saw shit here that I had never seen before on celluloid. My jaw dropped so many times, I couldn't chew gum for the rest of the day. Man it felt great to be dazzled by a movie again! Furthermore, what Nolan pulled off here directing and action wise was a tour de force to say the least. I so dug the crazy angles, wild camera movements, expertly staged physical get downs (car chases, shootouts, fights in the most unstable of settings) and his powerful use of silence/slow motion would back-hand me stupid constantly. And how he maestro-ed three MAMMOTH and somewhat intertwined action sequences (one of them feeling like an homage to On Her Majesty Secret Service) all at the same time was simply pure genius. What a rush and high five and hit to Nolan for not only striving so high but for also accomplishing what he set out to do! That was something else! WOW! Last time I was this excited was when I nailed two mute girls at the same time. To say I was wiggling in my seat in pure fanboy glee would be an understatement. What about the casting you may ask? Nolan couldn’t have asked for better actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio once again solidified his OUR GENS DE NIRO reputation by commanding the screen like no other. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ken Watanabe winged it due to sheer presence alone and Ellen Page was more affable than usual. Moreover, Marion Cotillard was scary yet endearing while Cillian Murphy brought depth to a role that could’ve easily been one-note (he actually had me fighting tears during a key scene…very emotional). And was that the GREAT Tom Berenger in the mix? You bet it was! Nice to see a director use an icon of old like that. I missed the mofo! The big revelation for me though had to be Tom Hardy, whom I didn't recognize for like 15 minutes. Yeah he rocked it in Star Trek Nemesis and in Bronson, but with this performance he not only proved to me that his versatility has no borders but also that he has that “thing” that separates an actor from a movie star. Hardy will become huge, and I no longer have any qualms about him playing Mad Max. Dude is the shit! Add to that a cerebral storyline that rarely ceased to defy my melon to work in overtime, a FANTASTIC score by Hans Zimmer that jacked the nutty imagery and emotional content to GOOSE BUMP INDUCING, top notch production designs/costumes/locations (loved that beach) and enough existential/philosophical themes to make ya want to hit a couch and be drilled by a head shrinker and you get this year’s best and more well rounded film, a cinematic event that is worthy of its hype.

Did I have any qualms with the picture? A couple but they were minor: 1- One of the revelations as to Cobb in relation to his wife didn’t make complete rational sense to me. Maybe I was having a duh moment or the flick didn’t communicate the info clearly enough, not sure. 2- Some of the characters could've used more development (I wanted more on Arthur and Ariadne) as to whom they are and where they are coming from.  Lastly; I was so immersed in the action scenes that I would sometimes forget why they were happening in the first place, the motivation of the characters if you will. Not a big deal, but it needed to be spat. Overall, INCEPTION is the first move this year to COMPLETELY woo me. I came out of theaters with a big smile on my face and the next day, I was still thinking about it, still am right now! Isn’t that what good cinema is all about? Incept this!
Gun shot wounds and light blood here and there, the flick wasn’t about that and it was ALL GOOD.
T & A
We get lots of Marion Cotillard cleavage action. No complaints here! Dame is fine!
The best way I can describe INCEPTION is MEMENTO by way of DREAMSCAPE, THE MATRIX and DARK CITY with a sprinkle of KUBRICK slapped in there to spice things up. If that’s not a seller, I don’t know what is! Ambitious, powerful, with a thought provoking and layered screenplay, top notch actors, brilliant production designs, hypnotizing visuals, enthralling action set pieces, heart, soul, balls...I can’t praise this movie enough. Yeah, one revelation didn’t gel with me, some of the players needed more depth and the action was so nuts that I would sometimes forget “why” it was going down, but that’s bread crumbs on what is otherwise an auteur piece with a budget and a modern masterpiece. Christopher Nolan’s best film... hands down! I got to see it again!
James Franco was offered the role that wound up going to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Evan Rachel Wood was Nolan's first choice to play Ariadne, but she said no dice - i.e. Evan Rachel Wood needs her head checked.

Christopher Nolan pitched his Inception idea to Warner Bros after he finished Insomnia (2002/I)