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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Alexandre Aja

Kiefer Sutherland/Ben
Paula Patton/Amy
Amy Smart/Angela
Jason Flemyng/Larry
7 10
An ex cop (Sutherland) in lust with Mr. Jack Daniels sees his life go from bad to hell when he takes a security guard job at some burned down mall (why they need a watchdog there is still beyond me). He quickly finds out that there’s all kinds of ghostly ball breaking going on behind the establishment's haunted mirrors.

There is evil... on the other side.

I had high hopes for MIRRORS for one reason and one reason only — Alexandre Aja and his partner in crime writer/producer Gregory Levasseur being behind it. They right handed me with HIGH TENSION, left hooked me with THE HILLS HAVE EYES, I'll ignore P2 out of respect and I was hoping for an uppercut from this one so I could hit the ground to count roasted on sticks and lathered in BBQ sauce sheep.

Now, I was a pinch worried that MIRRORS might blow moby dicks when my press screening for it was cancelled at the last second but as I parked my ass in that theatre seat, it took about 10 minutes for me to know that I was gonna be okay. MIRRORS lets her rip right off the bat with quite the visceral and gory opening scene and then much like a hooker paid up front as opposed to by the hour, it didn’t waste anytime to get to the goodies for better and for worse. Faster than you could say Poltergeist III, I was sucked into a moody, randomly boo scare laced and most definitely creepy as f*ck ride into mirror hell. Big props to Mr. Aja for fully capitalizing on his hook — the brrr factor that comes with mirrors. While watching the flick, I felt that the damn things were everywhere and it wasn’t me being paranoid — THEY WERE! In doorknobs, in water, in store windows, on my melon head…freaking mirrors were following Kiefer Sutherland everywhere and the result was a spooked up Arrow.

Speaking of Mr. Sutherland, high five and hit for casting the mofo in the lead role. The lad brought strength, intensity and vulnerability to the part, hence acting as the hefty anchor to the whole. A lesser performer could’ve botched this, Sutherland though? He made it superior than what was on the page. Jenga on top of all that class a handful of wince inducing gore bits (the Amy Smart takes a bath scene was one for the books), eye popping production designs (that mirror filled mall…macabre sweet), a potent mystery that had me going, an oppressive vibe and some occasional moments of clit biting suspense and you get a genre flick that punched in hard to deliver a frightening good time.

Alas, as I was watching MIRRORS I kept feeling that something was missing. I couldn’t put my middle finger on it then but now, I think I got it; lack of depth. I mean the flick set us up with a pill popping, ex boozer cop who whacked out another cop. He's also separated and has got all kinds of guilt weighting him down. So a character driven horror flick was a given to me. NO DICE! The lead’s baggage/demons and the potential conflict they could’ve brought to the storyline were dropped the moment the ghostly shenanigans went buck wild. It felt like the meat was snipped out in the name of retaining a swift pace. But that’s just me yapping out of my ass.

Which brings me to my second peeve: the why behind the lunacy. Once out of the box, I can’t say I was bowled over by it. And with the mystery solved, the flick simply became LESS compelling as it aimed to end. Sure it tried to juice its last block up with “physical action" and CGI but it didn’t work for me. Felt like them elements belonged in Renny Harlin’s EXORCIST 4, not a genre flick of this feel. And why was Jason Flemyng in the film again? Talk about a throwaway role if I've ever seen one. Should've cut his character out. Finally, the movie did suffer of ailments that plague most ghostly celluloid rides: dumb character moves to serve the plot and the whole "why are you staying at the haunted place after the first haunt kicked ya in the nads?" thing.. I mean, I speak for myself and my imaginary friend Fucko here:  if I see my reflection in a mirror acting differently than I am — IM OUT OF THERE, off to save the whales or get my teeth cleaned… never to be seen again.

On the whole though, MIRRORS was a slick, frightening enough and at times freaking gross ride streamlined by the great gent that is Kiefer Sutherland (and I’ve never watched 24 by the way -  Flatliners, At Close Range, The Lost Boys and Renegades on the hand…YES!). It had its shortcomings sure, but the Kool Aid still tasted piss-free, hence…ALL GOOD. You craving some scares? Look into this looking glass baby!

When the flick got down and dirty, it didn’t hold back or try to be polite about shite. Bloody, graphic and unapologetic. I actually won’t give the gory surprises away in this review - cause yes, I care.
Kiefer Sutherland (Ben) held this sucka together via his resonant and affecting display. Where the script failed, Surtherland would prevail with his sharp acting skills. This dude should get more leads in big films. He owns! Paula Patton (Amy) was credible and focused. Her yummy (and often wet) cleavage had my name written on it as well.

Amy Smart (Angela) was in the film long enough to show us her goods, look cuter than cute and to be put through the ringer. Nice! Marry me! Jason Flemyng (Larry) strolled on in, cashed a check, got some 10 beans an hour lap dances at the local strip club and then went home.
T & A
Amy Smart ass shot + Amy Smart cantaloupes shot + Paula Patton high beamed nips saying WASSUP through tight top shots = HAPPY ARROW!
Well structured fear set pieces, stylish shots cut together for maximum back-hand, bleak feel galore, thick tension and boo scares that had me grow a second penis. Yup! Aja was on the ball here... AGAIN! Love that dude!
The chilling score by Javier Navarrete supported the film adequately. Sometimes it felt like it “might” go over the top, but thankfully it didn’t.
Of all the celluloid genre treats Mr. Aja has tricked our way thus far, this one felt the most “Studio” of them all. Lack of mutton on its bones, a wam-bam ending that didn’t fully work, some CGI... nope HIGH TENSION this wasn’t. With that stabbed in your left eye, MIRRORS still whooped hard via its groovy premise, fine acting all around, an involving mystery, eerie visuals, an easy stroke pace, well put together fear set pieces and a handful of OUCH gore-gags. Not all that it could've been but still easily superior to most of the ghost stories we've been getting now of late.
Mirrors is a remake of the 2003 South Korean horror film Into the Mirror, written and directed by Sung-ho Kim.

The flick cost 35 million to make.