The F*cking Black Sheep: Alexandre Aja’s Mirrors (Video)

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The recent release of director Nicolas Pesce's addition to the GRUDGE franchise, which Takashi Shimizu started in Japan twenty years ago, has inspired our own Lance Vlcek to revisit one of the more overlooked entries in the Asian horror remake boom the genre experienced a while back – Alexandre Aja's 2008 film MIRRORS.

Loosely based on director Sung-ho Kim's South Korean film INTO THE MIRROR, which was released in 2003, MIRRORS starred Kiefer Sutherland and told the following story: 

An ex-cop and his family are the target of a evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home.

Sutherland's co-stars included Paula Patton, Cameron Boyce, Arika Gluck, Amy Smart, Jason Flemyng, Julian Glover, and Ezra Buzzington.

MIRRORS doesn't necessarily have a bad reputation, the reason Lance has decided to make the film the subject of the latest video in his The F*cking Black Sheep series is because it doesn't have much of a reputation at all. It came and went in '08 and hasn't been referenced very often since. I'm part of the problem myself – I watched MIRRORS once in '08, and have never gone back to it even though I own a copy. I guess it's time for me to finally give it another look.

To find out why Lance feels MIRRORS deserves more attention, check out the video below:

Source: Arrow in the Head

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