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Ninja 3: The Domination(1984)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Sam Firstenberg

Lucinda Dickey/Christie
Sho Kosugi/Yamada
Jordan Bennett/Billy
8 10
A fierce Ninja is killed by a group of cops but that’s not the end of his hood wearing ass! His spirit possesses the yummy body of a leg-warmers whoring, cable repair girl named Christie (Dickey). Guided by the evil force that penetrated her, Christie dons a Ninja suit, packs the Shurikens and heads out to gruesomely butcher the police officers responsible for the Ninja’s death. And then the V8 kicks in…YEEHAW!

He's the ultimate killer, she's the perfect weapon.

Growing up, I was all about Cannon Films! I’m talking Delta Force, Cyborg, Invasion USA, Bloodsport and yes, the “Ninja” movies. No, not American Ninja 1 and 2 (great films in their own rights), I’m talking Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja and this bad broad, Ninja 3 The Domination. I must have rented the latter a billion times when I was a demon twerp and it was such a blast watching it again today.

Where the first 2 “Ninja” movies played it straight chop-sockey, this second sequel went the horror and “hit the then current trends” blender way. Allow me to expand the hole. Horror wise this one screamed The Entity (girl terrorized by spirit), echoed an SNM version of Exorcist (too bad she didn’t have a crucifix to play with like Regan did) while one of its biggest “fears set pieces” was a shameless lift off Poltergeist (the closet scene). Seeing all of those elements in a “Ninja” movie was a freaking gut-buster! They weren’t supposed to gel in the mix but somehow they did! Marvelously at that! And the flick didn’t stop there in its copycat attitude! In fact, it went as far as stealing from Flashdance as well (which was popular at the time- it was released a year before). Our heroine was such an Alex Owens rip off! From her “manly” job, to her leg-warmers, her kool warehouse like pad, her tight ass, her poor man’s Michael Nouri wannabee boyfriend to her knack at dancing in place every time something would go wrong (when in doubt…DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!) …SHE WAS FLASHDANCE! HILARIOUS!

Now, granted, the film’s plotline and subplots were just thin excuses to have a hot dame in little clothing kill all kinds of people with sharp instruments. Last I checked my B-Movie Bible…THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! The bulk of this beeyatch’s running time was all about well choreographed action, mayhem, martial arts and slaughter scenes. When it wasn’t Ninja-dance girl doing the human laundry in brutal/sensual ways, it was Kung Fun Master Sho Kosuki doing the “feet meet people’s faces” whooping! So many mooks kicked the bucket in this movie, it was almost ridiculous! Having said that, it never got to the point of me not finding the high body count demeanor mucho heart warming! So many dead bodies…so many smiles! F*CK YEAH!

On the downside… well now that I’m using my brain to write this… there wasn’t a downside! The film’s cheesiness and B-Movie snags resulted in it being freaking side-splitting! Maybe Ninjas were all the rage in the 80’s but today I couldn’t take them seriously! Like dude, what the fudge are you doing in that get-up? Seriously! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Ninja fight of a horde of cops while wearing his Mommy’s pajamas, in broad daylight. It just looked plain IDIOTIC! I LOVED IT! Or how about the sword floating around i.e. sword on a string, backed up by Disco strobe lights? TOO MUCH!! Tag to all that lollipop jive: a parmesan love relationship, deliciously awful lines like “You fool! You cannot stop me! I am the Ninja!” and kitschy moments galore with my fav being the V8 seduction bit (Can I have some salt on those too honey!)… and you get a so good it good and so bad its good, B Submarine!

When all was said and diced, Ninja 3 The Domina-cheese rocked the Kasbah for the wrongs and the VERY right reasons! They don’t cook muffins like this anymore that’s for “fun crap” sure. Blow your local Mom and Pop video store Clerk and see this film! You won’t regret it! Karate chops this!
We get lots of face slashing, bloody cuts, & ninja stars and arrows doing their gruesome damage.
Lucinda Dickey (Christie) looked scrumptious and displayed ca[able acting chops. I bought her! Sho Kosugi (Yamada) kicked ass without his annoying son as a co-stra. I was happy! Jordan Bennett (Billy)…Jordan who? Nough said!
T & A
How does lots of chicks in spandex, leg warmers and bathing suits sound? SOUNDS YUMMY TO ME! Lucinda Dickey was from a generation where big thighs weren’t out of fashion…ahhh…. the good old days!
Sam Firstenberg served up a serviceable show with a strong axis towards making his horror scenes as horror as possible while showing off the fight sequences in all of its “ping-pow-ping” glory.
We got a synthesizer “Loverboy” wannabee heavy score that hit the happy “kitsch” nail.
Ninja 3 The Domination lived up to how I worshipped it when I was a younger jerk! Its mix of horror, martial arts party favors and Flashdance rips had me on the floor…rolling…like a pizza being made. Granted the flick was as dumb as all of my ex girlfriends’ combined, but its utter stupidity went on to contribute to its “high five” entertainment value! Much like having a stripper in a head lock while she’s playing your trombone, I just couldn’t lose with this Tramp and the Tramp! Wait a minute…you hear that? Sounds like beer bottles opening! Sounds like friends arriving! Sounds like loose dames coming in to do what they do best Yup! It sounds like Ninja 3 The F*cking” Domination! Hit and don’t forget the V8!
The film was written by Jim Silke who also wrote American Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja

Lucinda Dickey also appeared in Cheerleader Camp and Grease 2!

Sam Fistenberg had a solid B-Movie action/horror career going with American Ninja 1 and 2, the GREAT Avenging Force and Spiders 2 on his resume.