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Odd Thomas(2014)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stephen Sommers

Anton Yelchin/Odd Thomas
Addison Timlin/Stormy
Willem Dafoe/Chief Wyatt Porter
Gugu Mbatha-Raw/Viola
7 10
Short order cook Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) sees dead people and he puts that talent to good use by making the wrong things right for them. When a new murderous case surfaces, he quickly finds out that it’s a mammoth one and that he may be in over his head! Will Odd save the day?
ODD THOMAS was based on a Dean Koontz book of the same name that saw the light of day in 2003 (and made way for a series of books and graphic novels). Now, as opposed to fellow horror author Stephen King, Dean Koontz film adaptations usually wind up being average or sorry-ass stinkers that don’t come close to the quality of the source material.

I actually think that the best Koontz to film thus far was DEMONS SEED in 1977 and that’s a long f*cking time ago. It’s weird being that most of his novels are mucho cinematic! For example WATCHERS and SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT were two wonderful books that should have made for two superior movies but yet, NO DICE!! ODD THOMAS is yet another one of his oeuvres that reads like a movie, so did Koontz finally get adapted the right way? Read on!

Dean Koontz must have been inspired to write ODD THOMAS after seeing The Sixth Sense in 1999 as there are some similarities. Even a line from the former was lifted/expanded upon and incorporated in the book and the film adaptation: “I see dead people. But then, by God, I do something about it". I would love to know how that went down in Koontz melon! As for the film itself; well I had a hoot with it (yes, a hoot)! It kind of reminded me of Zombieland in terms of tone, visual style and how it conveyed its narrative! This one was all about clever dialogue, amusing narration by our oddball lead Thomas, a cute and heavy on the syrup love story and enough action bits and ghostly shenanigans to keep me engaged throughout.

If there’s one thing director Stephen Sommers knows is how to deliver a celluloid rollercoaster (as proven with The Mummy, Deep Rising and even GI Joe) and here was no exception. The lad displayed the required visual panache (loved his use of slow-mo) while the editing was slicker than slick! Acting wise, I can’t think of anybody else that could’ve have done as good of a job as Thomas than Anton Yelchin. Dude was affable, tough yet vulnerable and totally in the zone as the character. In a fair world this would become a franchise for him! Topple on top of that all kinds of twists and turns, sturdy supporting turns by Willem Dafoe and the sexy Addison Timlin, a razor pace and a rocking soundtrack that had me bopping and you get a charming and inventive (loved the Bodach idea i.e. ghostly vultures) ride!

On the flip-side, the flick opened with a badass Jason Bourne style hand to hand fight and I was waiting for the next fist to cuff to arise, it never happened. Why establish your character as an ass kicker and then not give him more ass to whoop? Me no comprende! And was it me or meatier character development in terms of our two leads (Thomas and Stormy) would have been swell? They kind of came off as fairly one dimensional. But I guess the film’s biggest flaw was that once its mystery turned into a whodunit, it became fairly transparent as to whom or what the culprit (s) was/were. Finally although the CGI was adequate when it came to the creatures, I wish the designs would have been a tad heavier on the details. But hey that’s just me! NOTE: My final beef. We get it, Thomas is odd, Roger that! I don’t need every character dropping it in every frame. END OF NOTE

On the whole though Odd Thomas made for an easy and amusing watch! I think the premise and the character have lots of potential! Here’s hoping that they get the chance to get the most out of them via future installments. Now sing it with me now: “If there's something weird and it don't look good. Who ya gonna call? ODD THOMAS!”
Bullet wounds aside, nothing to see here in that department!
T & A
I could stare at Addison Timlin's belly button for days on end. Other than that? NATHING!  Wanna see her topless, CLICK HERE! NSFW!
It's a shame that ODD THOMAS is getting a bum release, cause there was enough quality in there for the film to warrant more attention! I predict that it will become a Cult hit, driven by word of mouth! This baby was polished, sported an affable lead, witty narration/dialogue and put out a hero that I would gladly follow in some sequels! Granted it could have benefited from more meat, better creature design, more of Thomas kicking butt and a thicker whodunit... but at the end of the neck-snap though, I had a groovy time with the movie. All that truly matters. Will you? The f*ck I know! Check it out and let me know what you thought! Cheers!
Outsource Media Group Fund, ABS Investment Group, individuals Craig Chang and Mark Bishop, and Outsource Media Group were sued by the producers for not providing the dough they had agreed to spend on PNA; which delayed the release of the film.

Portia Doubleday, Kat Dennings, Lily Collins and Emma Roberts were all in the running for the role of Stormy.

Character actor Kevin J O'Connor was considered for the role of Fungus Bob.