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RoboCop 2(1990)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Irvin Kershner

Peter Weller/Robocop
Nancy Allen/Lewis
Tom Noonan/Cain
Belinda Bauer/Dr. Faxx
7 10
A butt spanking new drug named “Nuke” has hit the streets of Old Detroit while half-man, half-machine Robocop (Weller) is doing his best to clean shack. But when OCP lets Robocop 2 loose-- a powerful android blessed with heavy firepower and the brain of a sociopath junkie-- Robo’s struggle to keep things in check get a tiny-weenie rougher. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!
Behave yourselves!!!-- The Old Man

In my book of enjoyable toffee, \"Robocop 2\" is a kickass nasty sequel to Paul “Master of Disaster” Verhoeven’s multi-layered original. Directed by Irvin Kershner (of \"Empire Strikes Back\" fame) and written by \"Batman: The Dark Knight Returns\" scribe Frank Miller (although it is said that his script got mucho re-written), this punk was shamefully overlooked when it came out in theatres and has gone under-appreciated ever since. Watching it again today, I had forgotten just how solid it was and had quite the bumpy rodeo ride with it all.

One element I really got off on was the lean and mean nihilistic streak that this flick proudly wore on its armor. \"Robocop 2\" embraced human “ugliness” and I hugged it for it! Its depiction of the wide spreading disease that is crime was unapologetically brutal, while its display of drug addicts (shite, even the evil robot was a junkie…yeah, bitch!) was unrepentant. By rule of toe, I usually relish celluloid treats with big “German Shepherd” testies between their legs, films that are not afraid to push the envelope of political correctness and \"Robocop 2\" is one of those lollipops. The flick proved its “F. U.” attitude some more via its excessive and delicious showcases of violence. There was no messing around here when it came to plasma-filled mayhem and that scored big points with this jack-off! Damn, there was even the inclusion of a cussing 12-year old brat who liked to mow down peeps with an automatic weapon! Was it out of line? Hell yeah! And I loved every second of it! Take that to your PTA meetings and shove that up your Jack Valenti loving ass!

Now, although the balance between the laughs and the pow-wow was a tad harsh when compared to the original’s seamless and sly wit, I still chuckled hard throughout. The extreme, out of line, satirical TV commercials (all about that dude losing that account…lol!) owned me and the instance where Robocop was reprogrammed to act like a “boy scout” also had me in stitches. What an unorthodox narrative twist, especially for a big budget sequel! NICE! As for the insane action, well, it crashed into my living room like a freight train and entertained the shite out of me. We get all kinds of shootouts, car chases, explosions and folks being messily riddled with bullets. Lastly, the hooker on top of this one’s face was the presence of villain Robocop 2. If it wasn’t his slick design rubbing me the right way, it was his slew of gnarly weapons, his goofy craving for drugs or his penchant for carnage galore stroking my spine. The uber koolness of Robo 2 often compensated for the, at times, “so-so” stop motion effects.

On the blank side of the bullet, the story here didn’t unravel gracefully and felt a tad choppy in places. I was also bummed to see the gripping scene in which Robocop meets his widowed wife cut so darn short. The subplot should’ve been constant throughout the movie since it was the only true humanity left within it. Furthermore, the script had one major plot hole that kept bashing me over the head-- who the heck would be stupid enough to put the brain of a drug addicted criminal into a “Police Droid” and expect positive results? I didn’t buy it! In addition, a couple of characters got on my nerves with the spastic Mayor (Pugh) being the crowning king in that department. Although he made me laugh a few times. I mostly wanted to run over him with my tractor (yes, I own a tractor…don’t ask).

Overall, \"Robocop 2\" was a “fuck yeah”, vicious blast! Think the crass cousin of the class original. For me, there’s nothing wrong with crass if it’s shoved in your face with aggressiveness and zero remorse and \"Robocop 2\" did just that! LET\'S GET WILD!
How do you like your ribs? DRIPPING WITH BLOOD! We get a high heel shoe in the eye, countless bloodied bullet hits, a man’s chest opened with a scalpel, cuts in the face, Robo cut in half, a bullet in the eye, a revealed brain, a nasty neck snap, a squashed brain and more! This one put the “ence” in “violence”. YEEHAW!
Peter Weller (Robocop), once more, played it down while managing to emote beyond the suit. Great job! Nancy Allen (Lewis) had less to do here than in the first film, but she was still cute as button. Loved that new hairdo! Tom Noonan (Cain) excelled once again at playing a loony (Manhunter baby, Manhunter!) and he gave his “slimly written” role much presence. Gabriel Damon (Hob) was effective as the psycho kid, Willard E. Pugh (Mayor) annoyed me half the time as the ‘nervous wreck” clown and Belinda Bauer (Dr. Faxx) worked as the hot-to-trot scientist.
T & A
There were fine ladies in this crib, but none of them dropped their tops. At least we got to stare at Robo’s buns of steel.
Kershner handled this ride like a champ! He gave it a sly tinted blue look, milked tension to a hilt when necessary (that robot in hangar scene ruled!) while putting out his action scenes with flair and gusto. Good work, my man!
We get an adequate score by Leonard Rosenman and the bad ass tune “The Kid goes Wild” by Babylon A.D. Man, I used to love that freakin\' song to death! ARROW SINGS: “Angry and young, under the gun; the kid goes wild!” YEAHHHHH!
Distributor: MGM Release Date: June 8, 2004

IMAGE: We get an anamorphic 1.85.1 widescreen image.

SOUND: We get a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound with optional subtitles (English, French and Spanish).

EXTRAS: All we get is the Theatrical Trailer.

For more info on the ROBOCOP TRILOGY BOX SET, read my \"RoboCop\" review here.
I read other \"Robocop 2\" reviews after writing mine and the reasons other critics gave for not liking it wound up being my main reasons for digging it the most. Go figure! \"Robocop 2\" joins the ranks of \"Soldier\" and \"Judge Dredd\" as one of the most unjustifiably reviled sci-fi bonanzas on the fanboy block. Was it as tight, profound and clever as the original? Nope! Was it an engaging and well made fiasco of pow-wow, disproportionate violence, robots duking it out and offensive humor? YOU GOT IT! This is a perfect Friday night anarchic fodder with friends and brews in tow!
Frank Miller’s “Robocop 2” script was adapted as a comic. To see the man’s real vision for what was supposed to be Robocop 2, get it!

Robocop 2 screenwriter Frank Miller has a cameo role as a nuke scientist.

Robocop\'s suit was blue in this sequel as opposed to metallic colored like in the original.