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Terminator Salvation(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: McG

Christian Bale/John
Sam Worthington/Marcus
Anton Yelchin/Kyle
Moon Bloodgood/Blair
7 10
In a post apocalyptic 2018, the world is a shit-hole overrun by machines and the only thing that stands between them and total world domination is badass John Connor (Bale) and his “do or die” resistance fighters. ITS ON!

This is not the future my mother warned me about. And in this future, I don't know if we can win this war. - John Connor

The original TERMINATOR was one of the films that marked me the most throughout my early “movie fan” evolution. Part 2 and Part 3 also whooped my ass stupid, but the first one will always have a special place in my dead beat heart. So it was with my jockeys in a bunch and big, dumbass smile on my face that I attended the press screening for the fourth installment in the franchise: TERMINATOR SALVATION. Did it live up to my expectations? Mostly yes! YEEHAW!

It should be said that like many of you out there, when I first heard that McG was gonna helm this one, I lost my lunch (cream corn that is) all over my keyboard. I mean, come on, how the hell did we go from James Cameron to freaking Charlie’s Angels McG I thought? So it’s with a scratch of the balls and a sigh of relief that I tell ya: McG has EARNED my respect with this effort. Straight up, the man has outdone himself and then some! TERMINATOR SALVATION was guilty of a couple of boo-boos (more on them below) but bad directing? INNOCENT ON ALL COUNTS! McG imbued his big and bad baby with an ever moving camera, a delicious aura of dread, tension galore and brilliantly staged/executed action scenes that EVOKED many “f*ck me man that was awesome” out of this jerk. Only somebody with mucho talent would be able to streamline a film of this scope. So yeah, McG, I just firmly patted your ass, the left cheek that is, I hope it felt good!

The strong cast in the house also helped elevate the film to a higher plane. By rule of middle finger, I love Christian Bale and I don’t give a shit how many ADs he shouts at; the dude gives his all on screen and I for one respect that. His work is always above the norm i.e. we couldn’t have had a better adult John Connor. Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright) stood out as well. Easily one of the more sympathetic actors to hit the screens in a while. He’ll go places and fast! Technically, this one was on top of its game. The varied TERMINATOR designs were spot on (love them Terminator bikes), the CGI astounding and yes when the T-800 surfaced, I almost jizzed my pants like Ron Jeremy having a bad case of the hiccups. The CG Arnold face didn’t fully work (looked too CG) but for me the bit got the intended reaction anyways. I was floored into fan boy oblivion! Add to all that loving STRIKING cinematography and ALL KINDS of audio and visual references to the past TERMINATOR films ("You Could be Mine" baby!) and you get a top notch summer movie!

Now my beefs with the flick were a handful. For one the human factor was a bit on the down low during the first half of the film. Some characters and relationships didn’t get the attention they deserved. I kept craving more juice on Connor solo and Connor with Kate. The latter was pretty much left in the back ground. Same went for the Marcus/Blair relationship. Its evolution didn’t feel totally organic. And what was up with the random abrupt editing? Some scenes would end way too soon for their own good. Felt gauche (yeah I just used that word, sue me). My major complaint though had to do with a couple of gaping plot holes that dumbed what was for the most part a smart effort. I won’t spoil anything but them muck-ups had to do with Skynet, Reese and a far fetched medical procedure. I’ll leave it at that.

Overall though I had an AMAZING time with TERMINATOR SALVATION. It wasn’t a perfect film by any stretch of the used condom but its INSANE entertainment value made up for its stumbles on my end. I almost overdosed on fun over here! Who’s terminated f*cker? You’re terminated f*cker!
The film was PG-13, so it was axed more on action than the red grub.Didn't bother me none cause the action was NUTS! We do get some mangled Terminators, an impaling, corpses and light blood here and there.
Christian Bale (John Connor) proved once more why he’s one of the most exciting actor of this generation. Although he yelled a tad too much at times for my liking, on a whole Bale was intense, focused and simply brilliant. I first took notice of Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright) in Rogue and it was way cool to see him in this. Even though his Aussie accent kept threatening to burst out, Worthington was very credible and likable. Moon Bloodgood (Blair Williams) did what she had to do well and brought a much needed female sexiness to this sausage fest.

Anton Yelchin (Kyle Reese) was on the ball as the young Reese. Bought it! Was that f*cking Michael Ironside (General Ashdown) doing his thing? DAMN STRAIGHT! Was swell to see him in an A list picture where he freaking belongs! Common’s (Barnes) role was fairly small; he was all right but I can’t say he moved one way or another. Was it me or was Helena Bonham Carter (Dr. Serena Kogan) kind of awkward in this? Bryce Dallas Howard (Kate Connor) didn’t have much to do here, but when onscreen she gave an admirable show.
T & A
Hottie on two legs Moon Bloodgood showed a little bit of flesh (cleavage) and we all thanked her for it.
McG, we don’t know each other but props bro. PROPS on the genius you pulled off with this film. Visually gripping, suspense laced, with action set pieces that bashed my skull in, dude, you have proven yourself and then some. The naysayers can kiss your ass (and I was one of them). So this beer is for you! CHEERS!
Danny Elfman served up a fairly generic ‘action score” that only TRULY came to life when the token TERMINATOR beats would surface. Why they didn’t bring back Brad Fiedel on this one is beyond me.
It’s the TERMINATOR meets THE ROAD WARRIOR meets an unadulterated BLAST! Although different in M.O. than the prior TERMINATOR films; TERMINATOR SALVATION was till entertaining, eye popping and mind blowing! Good story, strong actors, fly visuals and jaw dropping visual effects, I doubt I’ll have more fun with a film this summer than I had with this puppy. Shoddy character/relationship development and a handful of severe plot holes aside; this one served up TIME WELL SPENT in spades.
Claire Danes said no dice to playing Kate Brewster again. Then Charlotte Gainsbourg was attached - but she pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. Bryce Dallas Howard was then cast.

Josh Brolin was approached to play Marcus Wright, but he wanted NATHING to do with it.

That's Roland Kickinger body, standing in for Arnolds. Funnyly enough Roland played Arnie in the TV Bio See Arnold Run (2005).