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The Dead 2(2014)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: The Ford Brothers

Joseph Millson/Nicholas
Meenu Mishra/Ishani
Anand Krishna Goyal/Javed
Sandip Datta Gupta/Father
4 10
In this follow up to The Dead, the zombie virus outbreak spreads from Africa to India. We follow a new lead duder (Joseph Millson) who has to fight the undead in the name of saving his girlfriend who's held up in the city with her her ball-busting Pops.
In 2010 The Ford Brothers (Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford) pimped out a well made and old school Zombie flick called THE DEAD. And now they're back with a sequel (one that they also wrote). Alas it's not a direct follow-up to the first one; it's a new story with a new lead and much to my dismay, unlike the first film, I couldn't bring myself to give a flying f*ck about what was going down onscreen and here's why.

-Right off the bat, I didn't care about the characters or their plight. Our leading man (although well acted by Joseph Millson) was fairly bland (much like Rob Freeman in the first film), his girlfriend (Meenu Mishra) and her dad couldn't act their way out of a police line-up and the "run of the mill" drama that came with them was cringe inducing to say the least. The dad's constant peeping and eavesdropping had me in stitches and hey man, who gives a shit if your daughter is dating a white guy when there's a Zombie invasion going on. COME ON!

-So with the characters not appealing to me; the film was already a card short of a full-house. And the mundane action that followed didn't help sway me on its side. Generic, predictable and tension-free were the words and BOREDOM was the result. I second guessed this by the numbers hussy the whole way and was always right. Think of a Zombie movie cliche and you bet your ass it's in here!

-Then we had the Zombies themselves who were beyond unthreatening and I swear I saw the same dude used 3 times but with a different shirt. Hey great shirts - still not scary.

-The flamboyant gore that was found in the first film was absent here. We get it, head shots to the head; that's it, that's all. Where's a machete when you need one! Spice it up already!

-Dumb/trivial moves to serve the plot (like NOT shooting a guy that just stole your motorcycle) and the usual horror cliches (like the car that won't start) were in the house as well and just added to my sighs and groans.

Did we really need an annoying kid side-kick? I know I didn't. Nogh said on that.

-Lastly the dialogue was often off the mark and the Indian spiritual angle the flick put out kind of left me in the dust. I had little idea what that was all about and hey, I didn't care to know either. F*ck that noise!

On that, there is no denying that the The Ford Brothers have talent The cinematography was excellent, they milked their locations and some of the shots were striking. I also dug the low-key score by Imran Ahmad and the AK 47 scene stood out for me. The only time I got excited throughout this picture. Look these guys are able to make a solid movie (see THE DEAD) but for varied reasons, THE DEAD 2 isn't it. All in all as a fan of the first film, I was mucho let down by this follow-up. I can forgive a lot of things in movies, I'm an easy audience - but putting me to sleep isn't one of them. THE DEAD 2 is DOA!
Lots of head shots, chewy bites and one dude missing a leg. Uninspired.
T & A
My underwear were off when I watched this, does that count?
I just got it; THE DEAD 2 felt like a pay check movie. A film the Brothers "had to" do. Maybe I'm talking out of my ass but that's what it felt like. It was a mucho disappointing follow-up to what was a well rounded first film. Stale leading man, bad acting, run of the mill chain of events, sad-sack dialogue, laughable drama, trivial turns to serve the plot, rinse and repeat action scenes and little to no suspense. Visually the flick looked great, some of the shot were inventive, they made the most of their locations and the score was solid; but I'm bummed to report that I looked at my watch during this lifeless sit-down more than I looked at the film. I'm happy that's over! Skip it and see the first film again.
The flick was shot in India.

Joseph Millson also acted in Casino Royale (2006) and the Penny Dreadful TV show.