Awesome new trailer for The Dead 2: India

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Even if you weren't a huge fan of the Ford Brothers 2010 international hit THE DEAD, you absolutely must check out the latest trailer for their sequel, THE DEAD 2: INDIA. It definitely sold me on wanting to check this one out as soon as the opportunity presents itself to me. We've heard a lot of really positive buzz for this one and it's become quite the festival hit, so I'm hoping it delivers everything this trailer below promises and more!

THE DEAD 2: INDIA follows the story of American engineer Nicholas Burton (JOSEPH MILLSON) in a race against time to reach his pregnant girlfriend Ishani (MEENU). Burton enlists the help of an orphan street kid Javed (ANAND GOYAL) and together they make a perilous 300 mile journey across deadly landscapes as a zombie apocalypse threatens to engulf the entire nation.

THE DEAD 2: INDIA is playing to Screamfest audiences in Los Angeles next month.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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