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The Kindred(1986)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jeffrey Obrow, Stephen Carpenter

David Allen Brook/John
Amanda Pays/Melissa
Talia Balsam/Sharon
Rod Steiger/Dr. Lloyd
4 10
When John\'s (Allen Brook) mother dies, she instructs her doctor son, to go to her house and destroy her secret lab and her research. John being the nosy porker that he is, instead invites some of his doctor friends so they can help him figure out what the hell mom was doing up there. They find out the hard way and Rod Steiger wants a piece of it. Squid man anyone?
Snore. Nothing special here. A little bit of Alien here, a drop of Island Of Dr Moreau there…and you get : Ok actors in a stale movie with ok effects. The only reasons to see this movie are : Rod Steiger hamming it up with his `Hitler`` cowlick, Amanda Pays looking scrumptious as always (and turning into a fish) and a few decent monster offerings. Maybe I\'m jaded, maybe I watched too many X-Files episodes or maybe too many monster movies altogether but this film didn\'t do anything for me. Nothing new is brought to the monster in the confined space genre. The characters still do all the wrong moves (running to the car, trying to start it when the character just emptied it of its gas), the doctor that wants the monster to survive so he can study it is still around, and the monster itself (a mix of squid and Don Knotts) feels deja vu. One major difference between this film and lets say…Alien, is that Alien had some suspense. I think suspense is an important ingredient in the monster movie mix…the cook forgot to drop a pinch or two in this one. This experiment as been done before….
Decent. A kool tentacles penetrating some girl’s head scene. A girl becomes a fish!??! (funny shite) The creature effects are Ok and nothing more. I did like the skinned cat effect and the hybrids in jars.
David Allen Brook (John) does ok as the lead, he\'s not too hard on the eyes and his acting is not to shabby…but the dude needs a haircut. Amanda Pays (Melissa) is as gorgeous as ever, lets her British accent do the acting and has nice lips. (drop your top already!) Talia Balsam (Sharon) gives a very good show, her down to earth performance appealed to this Arrow and she\'s very pretty in a simple kind of way. Timothy Gibbs (Hart) delivers the pretty boy goods. He emanates a likeable presence and you root for him. Rod Steiger (Dr Lloyd) chews on that acting bone and hams it up again. His cowlick alone would\'ve been sufficient for us to understand his character but Steiger feels the need to act…a lot. Amusing.
T & A
Naked monsters….
Very by the numbers and very plain. Nothing fancy here…actually I\'ll be blunt…its visually boring.
Was there a score???
One word best describes this film : WHATEVER…Been there, done that, seen this. This film really brings nothing new to the genre, it does the total opposite : It’s story is recycled from all those old 50’s monster movies and offers us a creature without an original bone in it’s body. Yes Amanda Pays is one hot to trot gal but see her in Leviathan instead (it\'s a bit better than this), if its Mr. Steiger that cranks your dial, rent \"The Specialist\" and see what overacting is all about but if it\'s monsters you\'re looking for check out : The Thing, Alien, Aliens or any Naked Gun flick (OJ Simpson is in them). The Kindred should stay in the jar and slapped back in the fridge.
This flick cost $2.5 million to make.

The woman who plays John’s mother is none other than Kim Hunter from Planet Of The apes.

Joseph Stephano did a polish on the script. He’s the dude that wrote the original Psycho.