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Warlock 3: The End of Innocence(1999)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Eric Freiser

Bruce Payne/Warlock
Ashley Laurence/Kris
Paul Francis/Michael
Jan Scheiterman/Jerry
7 10
Kris (Lawrence) was adopted and doesn’t know much about her past. One morning she is made aware of a house that is part of her biological family bloodline. She goes up to the creepy mansion, hoping to find out more about herself, instead she witnesses some ghostly phenomenons . Her boyfriend and friends eventually join her up there and everything becomes dandy again. That’s until suave Warlock (Payne) joins the party with an agenda of his own brewing in his sick little head. He warms up to Kris’s friends, preying on their neuroses and subsequently commits a couple of murders, a couple of spells, some torture…all that wearing a slick leather jacket.
Be advised this film has nothing to do with the two previous entries. Julian Sands is replaced by Bruce Payne (of Passenger 57 fame) and the film has its own vibe. You could call this “artsy” horror just by the way its shot, axed on esthetics. I don’t know why they named this film Warlock 3 (I guess it’s easier to market) cause it stands alone, no problemo. Yes fear fiends we a have a horror gem on our hands, a mix of “haunted house” and “wolf in the fold” flick. This film is a somber, subtle, well written, creative film and it’s a breath of fresh air cause we don’t see horrors films like this anymore.

End Of Innocence is a throwback to those beloved “Hammer” flicks. It resorts to old fashion techniques to chill you (doors that slam, ghostly apparitions, catacombs under the house) and covers themes like reincarnation, true friendship, sorcery and fate. This film concentrates more on psychological horror than flashy effects. The way the Warlock charms his way into Kris’s friend’s hearts, earning their trust in order to eventually use them against her is a far cry from the slam-bang ingredients of Warlock 2. It’s without a doubt a character driven piece with hints of mystery that hooks you from the beginning and always has you wondering. For all you gorehounds out there, you can relax, the film also gets bloody when the time is right and at one point it gets downright fun (the Witch/Warlock battle) and disturbing (the hell room scene).

Bruce Payne is all charm and more human than Sands’ warlock but I won’t compare the two, they play two different Warlock’s and are both good in their own rights. The “teens” are not the usual stock characters, instead we get a boy/girl into bondage sex, a shy dude (into music), a white witch (Wicca I gather) and a “normal” boyfriend (who hates his dad or something). They’re not the most explored of side characters but we know enough about them to enjoy watching them die. At least they’re different than the “typical” teens we usually get in genre flicks, they’re actually interesting.

The film does have its share of “haunted house” clichés that we all know but they are used honestly and effectively. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with clichés. I mean with so many movies out there, they’re bound to repeat themselves sometime. The familiar elements of this film work here cause they’re in a good movie. Now I’ve read a few reviews where they didn’t understand the plot too good, well rest assured it’s not as complicated as it seems, all you really have to do is listen. This is not a horror flick you watch with a bunch of buddies, a six of Bud and a few hookers (Friday The 13th is). I would watch this one with your girl/boy or by your lonesome.

My only “complaint” about the film is that I found a few “warlock” moments a bit cheesy, mainly at the end where he talks in a funny voice or shows his true form (a horse??? a wolf??? what???)…it took me out a bit. But those faults are minor compared to what the film has to offer. This film is a pleasant surprise: a horror film made with brains and heart. Cast a spell on this...
The Warlock doesn’t f..k around…Ripped throat, SNM taken to the next level but my fav is without a doubt the girl that turns to porcelain…groovy...
Bruce Payne (Warlock) gives a charismatic, subdued, scary performance. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Ashley Lawrence (Kris) returns to the genre and gives yet another strong show. She’s focused and very credible. Paul Francis (Michael) also does well with his seemingly effortless performance as the under sensitive boyfriend. Jan Schweiterman (Jerry) is sympathetic has the shy guy in love. Boti Bliss (Robin) is effective has the sexy white witch and her confrontation with the Warlock is way kool. Lets not forget Rick Hearst (Scott) who I know from “Brain Damage” and Angel Boris who I know from “PlayBoy”…they play the SNM couple and are very amusing. Boris is also very, very, very hot! A great set of actors with wonderful chemistry.
T & A
Angel Boris, Angel Boris, Angel Boris in tight leather outfits or showing her beautiful melons, holding a whip…what else can you want from life?. The chicks get Rick Hearst without his shirt, they will be pleased the dude works out…
Astounding. Freiser injects the film with mood to boot, slow motion, crazy quick cuts, flowing camera movement and great shots. His film is an exercise in style with lots of imagination. I love the way he introduces the main characters…kool or when Kris views a film of herself through a hole in a wall…fun times…
A pop/techno soundtrack that kicks arse but is a tad overused.
The film might have teens in it (30 year olds) but it is an adult horror film and not for everybody. Those of you that sometime like a bit of “artsy vibe” with your gore will most likely dig it. You don’t need to have seen the other Warlock films to check this badass out, it has nothing to with them. Take a chance on “End Of Innocence”.
Sands did not reprise his role of the Warlock due to scheduling conflicts.

Look for the “Planet Of The Apes” reference.

I have a question: Did leather jackets exist in 1693?