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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Anthony Hickox

Zach Galligan/Mark
Deborah Foreman/Sarah
Michelle Johnson/China
Dana Ashbrook/Tony
7 10
Six college students attend a mysterious “Waxwork” that exhibits a slew of classic horror icons set in wax. Problem is, if you enter the displays, you wind up in the world of the monster in question, get murdered and then become a wax figure yourself. Fuck Disneyland...let’s hit a Waxwork!
\"Would You Care for a Closer Look?\"-- David

\"Waxwork\" is a campy, gory and dirty love-letter to the horror genre from writer/director Anthony Hickox, son of Douglas Hickox (director of \"Theatre of Blood\" with Vincent Price). This wax stick dripped \"The Mummy\", \"Night of the Living Dead\", \"The Howling\", \"Dracula\", \"Jack the Ripper\", \"Little Shop of Horrors\", \"Evil Dead 2\" and more on us, all in crowd-pleasing and bloodier-than-used-tampons ways.

For a movie of its limited budget, I must say that the various creature and set designs found within really knocked the night of the living shite out of me. I relished being sucked into those classic macabre settings, dug witnessing the main baddies at play and had an honest to Red blast with each single segment. I felt like a virgin at a sex shop, so much to see, so many nudie magazines to buy! The thick gore also mucho appealed to my psychotic self. Even though this was the R-rated version buzzing in my player, I still got enough brutal slosh to fill me up and make me burp human remains wholeheartedly. The insane vampire staking, the nasty ripped-in-half dude and the no-bull mummy head crush were definitely the highlights. I raised my fist and yelled at those extreme bits! YEAHHHHHHH!

Now I must give special mention to The Marquis de Sade tidbit which smacked me the hardest, but for different reasons than the more horror-inclined scenarios. Call me a sick, perverted bastard who should take twenty cold showers a day to wash the smut out of his system (and you would be right), but was I the only one so turned on at the sight of cutie-patootey Deborah Foreman (Sarah) getting whipped by the big bad Marquis (played by Kenneth Campbell)? I adored how her sweaty self loved every single second of the proceedings in a pain-is-pleasure type of way. To top that off, the scene in question was exceptionally well shot capturing, to a T, the feel of that particular era. Now that was a steamy scene! Props to The Marquis who knows his business like nobody else\'s business! I took down some notes...gotta learn from the best! Tag to all that, yummy in my tummy goodies, a spot-on horror friendly cast having a hoot-nanny with the whole affair and laughs galore via clever dialogue and money sight gags (gotta love that German midget) and you get a slam dunk of horror fun.

On the stale side of the blade, the actual plot behind the party was nothing to get hard about (good versus evil, end of the world…that kind of stuff). Also, the wax statues were obviously epileptic actors trying to “strike the pose”. Their constant blinking and trembling kind of ruined some moments. Somebody didn’t perform their daily whacks before their takes, that’s for damn sure! Lastly, the conclusion did go a little too light/childish for my liking, with ho-hum sword fights, a dude on a wheelchair doing the “charge!” thing and sub-par effects in tow (the low budget showed in the finale). But you know what, young Padwans? It was still harmless entertainment to sit through. I was grinning throughout and that’s worth something.

When the wax had burned and dried, \"Waxwork\" wound up being a slickly directed, fast paced, messy, tongue-in-cheek barrel of chopped in half monkeys. It’s not a scary horror film, but it’s, without a doubt, one hell of an amusing Monster Mash! Hop in this display and get butchered! YEEHAW!
Take out the party favors and do the cha-cha! HERE WE GO! We get a body ripped in two (fuck yeah), a leg chewed to the bone, bloody stabbings, a groovy crushed head, an insanely red vamp stalking, an impaling, a chopped off hand and more! I can just imagine how gory the uncut version is because this R-rated cut came through big-time.
Zach Galligan (Mark) did ok as the rich snot lead duder, but he’s got to learn to suck in that Budweiser gut. Deborah Foreman (Sarah) was a delight as always. She was focused, credible and seeing her sweat and moan made my day. Michelle Johnson (China) was a hottie and a half with scrumptious lips. That’s all I needed from her sweet ass. Damn! Dana Ashbrook (Tony) did his usual cocky shtick (shades of Bobby from Twin Peaks) and I dug it again. Miles O\'Keefe (Count) had the presence and charisma to back up his vamp role. J. Kenneth Campbell (The Marquis) was very believable as the sadist whip master. The man loved his work. Patrick McNee (Sir Wilfred) and David Warner (David) did wonders within their limited screen time, laying on the charm on both sides of the slice and enjoying themselves with it all.
T & A
The ladies get some shirtless buff dude and we get lots of hot broads in loose clothing. We also get Deborah Foreman’s back getting whipped like a pony show. I think that bit turned me on more than a pair of breasts ever could. “Whip it, Whip it Good”!
Hickox stayed true to himself by delivering a stylishly shot, thrill-a-minute engaging show. Why did this man have to leave the genre to direct crappy action flicks?
We get a swing tune, an able score and “It’s my Party” for the end credits.
\"Waxwork\" was made by someone who obviously loves the genre and I gotta high-five that jive. This easy date kicked in the gore, the dames, the chuckles and the horror nods left and right. Granted, it\'s silly fluff with a weak plot, but it\'s fun times silly fluff nonetheless. If life’s got you down in the gutter, the razor blade starts looking appealing, that gun is calling your name, that cup of Drano seems tasty and that noose strikes you as a good idea...slap good old \"Waxwork\" in your player, have a rollicking ride and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
This flick was shot in L.A. California.

At the end of the credits, you see-- Dedicated to Hammer, Argento, Romero, Dante, Landis, Spielberg, Wells, Carpenter, Mom and Dad, and many more…

Miles O\'Keefe (Count) played Tarzan in 1981’s Tarzan the Ape Man, directed by John Derek (husband of Bo Derek who also starred in the film)

Deborah Foreman has been in films such as \"Lunatic: A Love Story\", \"Sundown\", \"Lobster Man From Mars\" and \"April Fool’s Day\". She hasn’t acted in a film since 1991. Come back girl! WE MISS YA!