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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Robert Kurtzman

Tammy Lauren/Alexandra
Andrew Divoff/Nathaniel-The Djin
Robert Englund/Beaumont
7 10
Alexandra (Lauren) unwillingly frees a badass genie from his jeweled prison. The genie steals the body of \"Andrew Divoff\" and begins to wreck havoc in LA. Granting backfiring wishes that usually come true in funny grisly ways, \"The Djin\" also has plans for our heroine. If she makes three wishes, it will open the gates between our world and his. Earth would become a vacationing resort for evil genies and we would become slaves. Where’s \"Jeanie\" when you need her….
A well directed, extremely gory, funny romp. It grabs you in the beginning with an over the top slaughter fest set in old Persia and never lets go. This flick has enough imagination for three movies and is not ashamed to also borrow elements from previous genre films . A little bit of \"Hellraiser\" here, a pinch of \"Elm Street\" there…hey…it never hurts. This film is a throwback to 80’s vibe horror with jaw dropping special effects, weird dream sequences, funny one liners and a wonderful nasty villain. Many reviewers took a big dump on this one and the box office was weak (made a killing on video though). I personally don’t understand how you can dislike this bloody serving. I know it’s not particularly scary and some of the side players are obviously \"part time\" actors but that doesn’t affect the fact that this is one trippy horror ride. Since the wishes can be interpreted any way the Djin sees fit, the film has endless opportunities to be off the wall, grotesque and funny. Backed with a decent story and good directing this is horror the way I love it: No teens, gory and very creative. I WISH they made more films like this…
The KNB boys turn out the goods. This movie is a bloodfest., how it got rated R I have no idea. Old school meets new school, lots of prosthetics mixed with some computer effects. They meld together perfectly. No limits here…anything goes…
Tammy Lauren (Alexandra) looks like a \"Barbie\" version of \"Linda Hamilton\". She delivers a focused performance and is on top of her game. It’s always nice to see Robert Englund (Beaumont), I consider him to be my generation’s \"Vincent Price\" and seeing him spit out a huge \"larva\" like creature was a hoot. You go Bobby. Andrew Divoff (The Djin) makes it all happen. I can’t praise his performance enough. When he’s out of makeup, his malevolent gaze, his evil smirk and his polite manners make him a villain to fear but also to be fascinated with. He commands the screen, every frame he’s in. Even my roommate (a girl) who hates horror movies, passed by the TV, saw his face, stopped, sat down and watched the rest of the film with me. Now that’s presence.
T & A
I wished for a tit shot…The Djin did not answer.
Kurtzman (once a KNB boy himself) directs like a veteran with style to spare and a fast pace. Slow motion, quick flashes, image superimposing, nifty camera tricks, wild lighting…this movie is a visual feast.
Some rock songs…and was that a Cure song I heard in the clothing store?
I didn’t think they still did em like this. If you like the \"Elm Street\" movies or you’re tired of the \"teen\" slasher trend, this movie is a refreshing breath of bloody air. Kurtzman pulls it all together giving us an extremely gory film with a no holds barred finale. We also get two fun showdowns: The Djin vs Tony \"Candyman\" Todd and The Djin VS Kane \"Jason Voorhees\" Hodder…even \"Jack The Ripper makes an appearance…what else can you want from a horror flick. Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Pinhead, Chucky…add The Wishmaster to that list. My wish sure came through…
Any movie that has a narration by Angus Scrimm (tall man in Phantasm), cameos by Ted Raimi (Sam’s brother and horror regular), Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees), Tony Todd (Candyman), Tom Savini (special effect dude) as a pharmacist’s helper can’t be bad.

Robert Kurtzman also has a cameo (he plays the guy that gets killed by piano wires)

Stay tuned after the end credits, the Djin whispers something to us.

Wes Craven executive produced this one.